The Best WordPress Plugins for Business Website

The Best WordPress Plugins for Business Website

WordPress started its journey in the web world as a blogging platform, but now it is increasingly being used as a solution to build e-commerce sites for business. It’s powerful Best WordPress Plugins For Business architecture makes it possible to create a digital store from a simple web. So if you prefer to create a digital store from your website in WordPress instead of building it on another platform, this post is for you.

Good practices about Best WordPress plugins

Never install a plugin that takes a long time without updating

If you install WordPress plugins that are not updated for a long time, you will be generating a security problem, since we do not know for sure if the plugin has any vulnerability that some malicious person can access our Blog.

Always update to the latest version

We should always have updated the version of each and every one of our plugins, but before updating a plugin always remember to make a backup, so that in the case of problem or incompatibility, you can undo the change.

Update the plugins always one at a time

It is always convenient to install the WordPress plugins one by one so that at home from failure or incompatibility it is much easier to identify the cause or the cause.

Do not install plugins that you have not downloaded from official or trusted sites

At present, and even if it is very sad for the blogger world, thousands of plugins are posted on the Internet. That contain malicious script, in order to open a backdoor to the person who created the malware and to be able to access and make the changes. That you want in your Blog as if it were the administrator itself.

Configure all plugins correctly

The vast majority of plugins need to take a few minutes to configure correctly, so do not fall into the mistake of thinking that installing and activating the WordPress plugin is already done.

Now we start with the list of the best plugins that could turn your personal blog into your business.

Here Is Best WordPress Plugins For Business Blog


WooCommerce is probably the most popular and widely used Best WordPress Plugins For Business for e-commerce (and one of the best alternatives to Shopify). WooCommerce is the second plugin in the number of downloads (155,000) and the one that has the best score (4.1) of the plugins. WooCommerce is popular because of the large number of plugins and themes available that you have, downloadable directly from your website or in third party websites such as ThemeForest or CodeCanyon, where there are more than 123 templates and 165 plugins.

More than 17.77% of e-commerce websites are created with WooCommerce. WooCommerce includes standard PayPal integration, sales reports, multiple shipping options, a coupon system, and a very simple inventory management to use. If you are looking for a robust, intuitive and highly customizable e-commerce plugin, then WooCommerce is your best choice. Most WordPress users choose this option because of the wide variety and availability of themes, and it is also free. A disadvantage of WooCommerce vis-a-vis its competitors is that it needs a complex development for custom-designed stores.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is the most essential and basic WordPress plugin for any Blog, as well as you could say that it is a multi-plugin since there are many plugins in one.

This plugin mainly serves so that we can edit the HTML tags for the SEO On Page of each of the pages of the web. Yoast SEO will also provide a series of tips related to SEO On Page of each of the pages, plus Create the sitemap of the web and others.

Easy digital downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is one of Best WordPress Plugins For Business through which you can sell digital downloads through WordPress for free. This plugin includes a powerful information system that allows you to see all your profits and sales through interactive charts and easy-to-analyze data tables.

With more than 200 tracks and extensions, Easy Digital Downloads fits perfectly to your needs, so if you only sell digital products this will be your best choice. It is also very easy for a developer to make changes to their code base.

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Google XML Sitemap

 Best WordPress Plugins For Business


It supports WordPress multi-sites and we can specify the indexing priority of each content as well as we want to index or not.

This is my choice to create the sitemap that takes Google to index my contents of the Blog.

Broken Link Checker

It is a simple plugin that automatically scans our posts and pages for broken links.

When you find broken links you can notify us through WordPress and/or email. We must remember that this aspect is very important and we always have to try to eliminate all the broken links that we have.


MarketPress is a WordPress e-commerce plugin that is easily customizable, well designed and with lots of features. It offers users a simple and pleasant shopping experience without the need to add any add-ons or extensions.

MarketPress includes very nice themes that can be easily customized without touching a single line of code. In addition, it is fully compatible with BuddyPress and Multisite, which means you can set up your own network of online stores like eBay and Etsy. The premium version of MarketPress offers advanced features such as a full range of payment methods, calculated shipping modules, tracking with Google Analytics and the customization of each product.


Simple 301 Redirect

A plugin very simple to use and with which you can add 301 redirects to pass authority from an old post to a new post or to correct 404 errors that appear in the Search Console program.


A great plugin with which you can do an advanced management of your DNS, as well as you can have a CDN totally free and it can improve your loading speed. It also has the possibility of improving security in WordPress.

Hello Bar

With this plugin, you can promote services, products, courses or info products in a very visible way in your blog in WordPress and totally free.

WP Maintenance Mode

This plugin allows you to put your blog or web page in maintenance mode while making changes or build a web page from scratch. An essential WordPress plugin in 2017.