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There’re some reasons you might like to write for Vinaora.com

  • Google could index your post very fast, it might be completed in only one minute.
  • You could promote your own Joomla products (templates, extensions, tutorials, books…), Joomla services or anything else related to… along with your biography in the Author box at the end of each post.
  • Your article will be published and featured for our visitors which come from over 220+ countries and territories.

What kind of content are we looking for?

  • Web CMS like Joomla (recommended), WordPress…
  • Web Programming with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, CSS
  • Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Services
  • Webmasters tips
  • Joomla/Wordpress products Reviews
  • SEO and site analysis tools

What don’t we like?

Contents and Links related to adult, alcohol, drug, politics, religion, null software…

What do we need from you?

  • Full Name / Nickname (required): depending on what you prefer to be known as.
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What do we expect from your articles?

  • Useful: Your post must be 900+ words long with 3+ illustration images and fully informative.
  • Be Unique (recommended): It has not been published elsewhere previously.
  • Be Copied (not recommended): If you are the author or it is a marketing article for your products/services.
  • May be edited: We can change, fix grammar, add images, links etc. However, no major changes will be made.

How to submit your articles?

  • Sign up now, and then update your profile
  • Open Contact form and tell us your nickname or your email.
  • When your account becomes a contributor, submit your articles and wait for them to be reviewed in 1-2 working day.

Updated Dec 05, 2016