The 5 best WordPress plugins to manage downloading file

The 5 best WordPress plugins to manage downloading file

The management of downloads of digital files in WordPress, is one of the functions that most important in recent times, as more and more companies or individuals who offer the option to download images, music, videos, Applications, programs, documents, etc. One of the features is getting more and more interesting in WordPress is the management of downloads of digital files. Currently, there are very good download managers, some are already a classic in WordPress, as is the case of WP-FileBase but they all have a feature in common, allow website administrators to provide downloadable files to users, visitors or customers (Restricted access) and keep track of downloads of available files. Some plugins also provide the option to enable uploading of files from the page (front) so that the web can be converted into a collaborative site where users can upload and categorize them.

In an article we want to present you the best plugins for WordPress to manage file downloads in WordPress, although the list is long, many of which we have discarded was because they included too many options “pro” (payment) or were simply too outdated. Now we are going to show you a series of plugins for the management of downloads, some of these plugins have the option of uploading files, allowing you to create a collaborative website where users can upload and categorize them. While the list is not intended to be a “top-ten” download manager, it may serve to have an idea that which extensions to use for these tasks come on time. Some of the best plugins to manage downloads in WordPress:

WordPress Download Monitor

This plugin allows you to upload files for later download (includes support for multiple versions of the same file) and insert links in the posts or entries to be able to download those files. It has been a long time in WordPress, this plugin although in recent times it was considered dead, as the Phoenix bird has resurfaced from its ashes and offers a revamped version and very usable.

WP-Filebase Download Manager

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It allows uploading files both from the dashboard (WordPress admin panel) and from the page, linking URLs from hosting or external hosting as it works with a permanent URL. This plugin is mainly designed for those WordPress sites that allow you to set a password and configure the access level of any downloadable files that are available. It allows you to add downloadable files to any post by pasting the insertion code inside.

Also from the page (front) it is possible to create Categories by using the widgets that it has which facilitates the users to upload and categorize them, also allowing endless nested categories. For mp3 audio files, it is possible to automatically retrieve the ID3 tags of each file. TR works with short codes and it is also possible to assign permissions to users or limit their bandwidth.

It also includes download statistics, access control, bulk import, optimize SEO, preview, file upload progress bar, among many other things.

WordPress Download Manager

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WordPress Download Manager is a WordPress site and document management plugin that allows you to set a password and configure the level of access to any of the downloadable files available.

You can add or embed downloadable files in any post simply by pasting the insertion code inside. It includes bandwidth control, download statistics, access control, bulk import, optimize SEO, preview, TinyMCE button, multiple file management, file upload progress bar, and many more features.

WP Publication Archive

Unlike some of the other plugins in this list, this plugin best serves as an excellent distribution method of content. Once installed, a tab is created in the administration menu, just load a document (it allows PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, images, and other types of files) and, with a small code, display the elements in any post or page.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a very good eCommerce solution for selling digital products. This plugin makes the selling digital products become simple to carry out. You can also manage discount codes and have a chart to track sales and profits. It is free although you have payment extensions that you can add. With this plugin, you can manage prices and variations of products.

You can manage prices and variations for a product as well as limit the downloads to the same buyer. It is possible to customize the emails that are sent to customers who buy the available products. It has a chart where you can track sales and profits or profits obtained, integration of payment through Paypal and some regular cards.

Many are the functionalities of the best WordPress plugins that have been in WordPress for several years and you should discover it by testing it on your website.

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