8 Simple Tools to Help You Rank Guest Blogging Opportunities

8 Simple Tools to Help You Rank Guest Blogging Opportunities


Guest blogging might be the key tool that was missing in your content marketing strategy. Having your ideas and brand published by authoritative blogs will improve the perception of you and your business that your target audience has, and it can be a great way to attract visitors to your own blog or website.

But, the blogosphere is far too full of guest blogging opportunities for obvious reasons. Which blog does not want an original and well-researched article free of charge from an expert like you? So it is up to you to filter the options and decide which ones deserve to get your posts. And to accomplish it, you can use one (or more) simple tools available on the internet.

# 1 – Make the most of Google Search

Let’s start with the basics. The first online tool that you should be using to find guest blogging opportunities is Google Search. And yes, you will get a ton of results if you just type “guest blogging opportunities” in the search bar.


So think carefully how you could narrow it down using long tail keywords. You also probably have a niche or a particular topic about which you will be writing so add it to your list. Maybe there something that you will not write about, not even for all the money in the world. So delete it.

In practical terms, type:

  • Guest blogger+travel, if you only want opportunities for travel writers
  • Guest blogger -travel, if you do not want to write about travel

# 2 – My Blog Guest

My Blog Guest is, as the name says, a community of guest bloggers. There, you will introduce yourself on the Welcome board; then you will be prompted to verify your blog (so as to confirm that you are a blogger).

With everything in order, you will have access to the Articles Gallery, where you can browse for the most suitable opportunities. There is also a search engine to help you out.

# 3 – Blogger Link Up

Still with a shy listing, you might get lucky and find something interesting on Blogger Link Up. It is a free service, and you will get ads from websites and blogs interested on all sorts of content organized by categories there. They also give space for contests and giveaways, so it is worth to check it now and then.

# 4 – Twitter


Twitter can help you to find guest blogger opportunities in two ways (and a third one). The first one is searching directly for them, preferably using the Advanced Search so that you can get better results.

Plus, you should also search for experts in your niche and have a look at the links that they share. The chances are that they are guest blogging somewhere – so then you can create a curated list for yourself based on what they have vouched.

The third one might take you more time, but it is even more effective. It is keeping eyes open on hashtags related to guest blogging daily. Through this way, you will be among the first ones to respond to call for help, which increases your chances to be accepted by the most authoritative blogs.

# 5 – SEMRush

SEMRush is a powerful tool that will help you to expand your list and filter the best ones. After typing the URL of one of the blogs you wish to write, go to Domain Analytics >> Organic Research >> Competitors.

There you will get a list of blogs in the same niche. Not all of them might be accepting guest posts, but it is a good place to start. You can also use SEMRush to get info about their traffic and backlinks so as to evaluate if it is worth to write for them free of charge or not.

# 6 – Buzzsumo

When you find out what are the best guest blogging opportunities, you will need to start from somewhere. And even though you might have found a page explaining all that you need to know before sending your post to them, it will make a difference if you introduce yourself first.

# 7 – Alexa

Another mandatory online tool when it comes to deciding the best opportunities to apply is Alexa. Yes, it is a paid tool, but if you just type a URL into their search bar (on their home page), you will get plenty of interesting information about their traffic, top keywords, and location of their visitors.

And if you are looking for the best of the best, check Alexa’s list of the top 500 sites on the web. Then choose Category, and start digging through their subcategories until you get a curated list of the best websites in your area of expertise.

# 8 – Famous Bloggers


Famous Bloggers is another great way to guest blog. You will need to register an account, create a short profile so as to submit your posts for approval. If you make it, you will get your post published on their platform along with a nice byline, your photo (taken from Gravatar) and a link to your social media networks.

The good thing about Famous Bloggers is that they do much work promoting their posts both on social media and social bookmarking sites – they are proud of getting over 80,000 page views per month. So, make sure that you read their guidelines very carefully before submitting anything to them, as they take the quality of the posts they publish very seriously.

The bottom line

As you will agree, nobody likes to work for free. So it is crucial to pick the best guest blogging opportunities available so as not to be wasting time and money.

And the eight online tools above will help you to take your guest blogging to the next level. They will allow you to create a curated list of possibilities and then filter for the best ones according to their authority and traffic.

And this is all that you need for now. So let’s get the work started!