YouTube monetization tips-10 reasons why you earn very little money

YouTube monetization tips-10 reasons why you earn very little money

Nowadays, making money on YouTube has become very popular. Although thousands of people can earn thousands of dollars every month with their YouTube channel, not everyone can be successful with their YouTube channel. Besides, there are people who still do not get the first $ 10. So what is the cause why they earn so little money? This article will answer the common reasons why your YouTube channel earns very little money so you can increase your revenue in a better way. Here are seven common reasons why your YouTube channel makes very little money.

1. Virtual views, no interaction

Nowadays many of you use the Robot Tool to increase your YouTube channel views.¬†Actually, these are just some of the tools that can help with viewing. If you use only to increase your YouTube channel’s¬†views, it has no effect at all. Conversely, it harms your YouTube channel.¬†Most of these views are due to algorithmic tools, so they only have the effect of increasing the view but not the interaction of real people when they like,¬†share and comment. It is very dangerous for your youTube channel.

2. The video length is too short

Assuming your video lasts only 15 seconds, then it is over before YouTube can keep up to show ads. As a result, your video will not earn money. It is very important that the length of the video is long. The longer your video is, the more money you can earn. Therefore, you should post long videos instead of the short ones and the recommended video length should be around 5 minutes or more.

With the longer videos, you can insert more ads into your videos, and you will get more money.

3. Topic

The topic of making the video is very important. If you choose topics that are not suitable for advertisers, you also earn very little money.

When a user views your video, Google’s algorithm offers ads that match the keywords in your video.¬†Assume your video is titled ”you will have to cry when watching this video” then how can Google find the right ad to place on your video?¬†And sometimes it also does not show ads.¬†Therefore, choose a good topic and carefully analyze your keywords to make a title with Google Keyword Planner, then your ad will show up better.¬†It is important to check CPC keywords and high CPC topics.

4.  Did it link to Google AdSense or Network

Many people have just joined and thought that: “I will post on YouTube and will have money” but in fact, they have not linked Google AdSense or¬†Network at all, then there will be no party statistics for you.

You need to link to Google AdSense or the 3rd party network so that they will be able to support you better. However, you need to divide a commission for them, usually from 10% to 50%, depending on the network.

5. Your video infringes the copyright

When you upload a video on YouTube and post to your channel, then if you receive a copyright infringement notice, your video will not be able to earn money.

So if you want to build a permanent and sustainable YouTube channel, then create your own content that will appeal to your audience.

6. Video view duration is too short

Even if your video is 30 minutes or 60 minutes, the content of the video does not appeal to viewers and they exit very early. In the second case, maybe you can cheat your customers by putting the wrong title and thumbnail images but your video will have a too short viewing time so you earn very little money. Create compelling video content that can attract viewers to stay longer.

7. You do not set goal at work

How much do you want to earn from YouTube? How many YouTube channels do you want to generate passive income? How many channels with the large subscriber? Have you ever set goals and seriously planned for it?

You have to think about how many videos do you need? How many hours a day do you work to get that number of videos? What to do to promote the video to the community. Set goals and plan in detail. Everything will be easier than ever.

8. You do not focus

You often spend time on useless things like surfing for no purpose, chat on Facebook all day to talk about things that are clear or argue with new people in the group. These things have absolutely no effect on the job. When you have a clear goal, focus. Do it as quickly as possible and take the time to correct any errors that occur during the work process. Focus makes a difference in your product. Viewers appreciate that product.

9. You do not have a team

Going alone is fast, but to go far, you need to go with your teammates. If you already know the basics, achieving the initial results is easy. But how to multiply that income several times, create an intellectual group, people of the same orientation with you. A head can not be equal to more than one head. Each person has a job to create a unified organization in order to create high-value products and sustainable systems.

10. You do not have perseverance

Have you ever felt frustrated when you have done all of the above, but the results have not come yet, do not be discouraged. Everything takes time and good chance. Always try every day. Do small things continuously and steadily, you will be surprised at the outcome.

Every day 1-2 videos for your channel, 1 month has 60 videos and 1 year has over 600 videos. A huge number, right? Be persevere and the rich will come very quickly.