Wordpress Video Plugins – The Easy Way of Showcasing Videos in The Way You Want

Wordpress Video Plugins – The Easy Way of Showcasing Videos in The Way You Want

2016 has been a remarkable year in content marketing because it has witnessed the rise of video marketing that is set to change the course of content marketing in days to come. Mobile phones have changed the pattern of web searches as more and more people use mobile devices for browsing the internet. The mobile revolution has already impacted web designs that have become responsive so that displays are suited for computers as well as any type of mobile devices. If this is considered to be the high impacting change resulting from the widespread use of mobile devices, the second change that has resulted from it is the rise of video marketing.

To survive the competition, you have to be in tune with the times and gauge the changes that have far-reaching impact. It is the time that you recast your content development and content marketing strategies by focusing on video marketing that has proven to be highly effective for creating outreach, driving more traffic and earning more conversions. Videos are just the right type of content that is ideal for people on the go who are not willing to spend much time reading through stuff, and yet would like to enjoy high-quality contents.

Creating affordable video content

Creating quality content is challenging in itself, and when it comes to creating video content, it can be even more challenging from the financial as well as creative perspectives.  Organizing resources to create video content can be quite costly that most businesses, especially small business can hardly afford. Then how will businesses be able to ride on the latest marketing wave?

To make things straightforward and affordable, you can now find video maker and animation tools online like that offer readymade templates for creating videos of your choice. It is very similar to the web templates that help you to create websites on your own.  Those who want to make web video – 3d maker tools are available that can make the process easy and affordable. The templates can be used to create HD quality videos in minutes, and you can share the video file on social media or your website.

WordPress gallery plugins

Creating videos is just the beginning, and you have to know about the best ways of uploading it by using WordPress video plugins that are available free. The galleries give the opportunity of showcasing videos in an attractive and engaging way so that it can create a significant impact on viewers. While creating quality videos are important, it is equally important to present it smartly to achieve the goals in marketing.  A gallery plugin allows you to select the videos of your choice or even create a page full of videos and display it by using a unique video player. Some of the freely available WordPress video plugins are listed below.

YouTube simple gallery

This plugin allows you to create a gallery of videos by handpicking the ones that you want to display. After including the videos, the gallery has to be inserted into a page or post wherever you would like. There are shortcodes provided in the plugins that have to be used together with the URLs of the videos to complete the task of inserting the gallery on the respective page or post. You can add titles and descriptions to the gallery that you can also post on widgets.

YouTube channel gallery

Making galleries of different designs is the purpose of this plugin that offers various designs that you can select from. You can check out or browse through the available designs by clicking the link for demos on the plugin page. The gallery contains thumbnails of the videos, which when clicked, will show up in the top section of the gallery. The plugin offers various controls to view videos in different ways.  From controlling size and ratio of videos to choosing videos by playlist or user, you have many options.  You can even hide the YouTube logo if you want.

Contus video gallery

The gallery page provided by Contus video plugin has several sections. This allows you to categorize videos like “Featured video” in one section while you can have “Popular videos” in another and “Recent videos” in a third section. You can also add videos to the gallery by using its URLs.  You can add a description and title to the videos from YouTube. Controls for the number of videos, rows, width and height of videos are available. You have to purchase this plugin if you want to remove the logo.


TubePress is a user-friendly plugin that is quite powerful too. You can embed videos automatically to the gallery from Vimeo or YouTube. Once you complete the settings, the gallery will automatically create itself, and you can place it conveniently according to the design and layout that you have in mind. Shortcodes are in place for inserting the gallery. You can select videos on the basis of a playlist, a user, and user’s favorite, related videos on YouTube or most viewed. You can create all kinds of video galleries by using the numerous options given in the settings.

WorkBox video

If you prefer a simple plugin that adds one video at a time, then WorkBox video plugin is your best choice. The videos get displayed in a simple column with the descriptions by their side. They appear in a lightbox pop up when you click on the thumbnail. The plugin is ideal for creating only one gallery, and you can add to it as many videos as you like. Shortcodes and PHP codes are used to add the gallery to a page.

Ultimate video gallery

Ultimate Video Gallery is a compact gallery that has the thumbnails at the bottom, and the video plays in the space at the top that shows “Playing now.” You can also play FLV files besides YouTube videos on this platform. You can control both the thumbnail size and player size.

Choose a gallery that provides the personal look the complements your style and functionality.