Why WordPress plugins are indispensable for search engine optimisation

Why WordPress plugins are indispensable for search engine optimisation

If you are in two minds about whether or not to use WordPress plugins, rest assured that, you simply cannot do without it for search engine optimization. How well you can optimize websites for search engines determines the level of success in SEO and the plugins are crucial for taking the marketing and optimization campaign to the next level. Simply, there is no better way to augment the optimization efforts than using the right plugins. No amount of effort and expertise can give better results in search engine optimization than using the WordPress platform to your advantage with the help of plugins. Plugins are like weapons in the WordPress armory, and you are at liberty to use the most potent ones to give a cutting edge to your SEO campaign. As you go through this article, it will be clear how WordPress plugins give more teeth to the WordPress platform.

Options for customization

How would you feel if you discover that there is much more to WordPress than catches the eyes? Surely, you must be elated at the prospect that the WordPress platform that you had known to be all-powerful for SEO has much more to offer. The SEO expert sitting in his Adelaide office will explain that you can achieve much more from the WordPress platform by making proper use of plugins that allow much customization of the website features for search engine optimization. You can display your site more attractively to search engines by providing views that are different from what you have already set. The customization that you achieve by using plugins makes websites more appealing not just to search engines but even to the social media.

Make the display title of website more relevant

You can carry out the first exercise in customization by making changes to the tagline and website name that you have set in general settings. If the title of your site on display captures only the website name and tagline but does not have any hint of keywords, it might be limiting your optimization efforts. You may feel the need to insert a keyword to the title that is already set. To do this, you can take help from WordPress plugin that allows you to tweak the title and add a keyword to it. The title would then display the website name followed by the tagline as well as the keyword. Obviously, this is a better way to gain favors from search engines as even users have a better browsing experience.

Alter titles of posts and pages to suit the needs of search engines

If you find that viewers can only see the title of the page name or post in search results and when searching for your website on the social media, then it is a sign that you are sticking to the default settings of WordPress. Going ahead, you can make it more expressive and relevant by attaching the site name to the title. To do this, you must use some WordPress plugin that displays the title followed by the website name. The title of the post remains unchanged but it gets an added dimension for the purpose of search engine optimization, and this shows up at the top of the browser during searches as well as on the social media.

Create preview snippets

Going ahead with your customization efforts, the next thing that you can do is to build customised snippets of web page content that will show up in search results and also displayed on social media. Once again, WordPress plugins can do the trick. Snippets give viewers an idea of what the content is about so that they can judge its relevance before clicking on to it. Snippets have the power of generating interest among viewers to click the link. Taking advantage of the customization options of plugins, you can highlight the content in the most impressive way by creating relevant snippets with the help of keywords. It is a great way of promoting website content to make it attractive to search engines as well as viewers.

Plugins guide you to create SEO friendly content

WordPress plugins can become your guide in creating SEO friendly content. It is not easy to acquire the skills of creating search engine friendly content unless you have someone to correct your mistake when you create content. WordPress plugins are capable of evaluating the content based on keywords chosen by you and tells you how you have fared in creating search engine friendly content. It also points out the areas of improvement. Plugins provide the facility of the job training in search engine friendly content creation that enhances your skills.

Facilitates social media sharing

It is not that plugins optimize websites by keeping in mind what the search engines like but it does more than that. Plugins can make websites ready for spreading wings on the social media too by taking advantage of Open Graph.  The Open Graph feature bridges the gap between search engines and social media by behaving like a translator for content that you have optimized for search engines.  It tells the social media what description and images have to display when someone searches for it. Social media sites get leads about available optimized content that serves the purpose of people looking for it. In this way, people come across valuable content when they are surfing the social media.  Looking back, you will realize how WordPress plugins have opened up new vistas for your website on the social media without taking extraordinary measures to optimize it specifically for that media.

WordPress plugins empower users and offer countless options of optimization that makes the optimization exercise much more forceful.  No technicality or functionality in search engine optimization seems to be out of reach of plugins as it can address the varied needs of users in the way they want. There is no reason to think about separate optimization measures for search engines and social media because plugins do it for both. The horizon of optimization gets much wider when you use plugins and herein lays the power of WordPress.