What is Google Dance and How to overcome this issue?

What is Google Dance and How to overcome this issue?

If you are a Seoer, you may have already experienced an issue that can shock you РGoogle Dance. So, what is Google Dance? When it will happen and How to overcome this frustrating issue? This article will answer all of your inquiries.

1. What is Google Dance?



Google Dance is a¬†phenomenon that your¬†SEO keywords “dance on Google”. It means that your keywords rank higher or lower compared to ordinary. Yesterday your keyword ranks Top 1- 2-3, but today it can perhaps be thrown out of Top 100 without a trace. On the contrary, some websites had never been on Top 100, only after 1 day they quickly jump on Top 5. Therefore, when Google Dance phenomenon happens, some Seoers will be very excited and others will be so disappointed.

In other words, Google Dance is the time for Google to establish a new algorithm or update the old algorithm for Search Engine in a short period of time, usually takes 1 week and it will return to ordinary.

Why your website changes rankings when Google Dance happens?


In order to rank keywords, Google has over 300 criteria and nowadays, each keyword has thousands¬†of websites¬†competing with each other.¬†For each criterion,¬†Google will handle each website. When a website meets criterion A, it will be rewarded with points by Google and increase ranking. It means that there will be other websites drop. This formula is applied one by one to over 300 criteria with such a huge amount of websites. Therefore, the changing of websites’ rankings when it experiences Google Dance¬†phenomenon is something¬†difficult to avoid.

The reason why your website experiences Google Dance


No matter what your website’s area is, it can meet Google Dance. However, the website with the following features can often be¬†affected by Google Dance the most:

  • The websites doing¬†SEO without a proper procedure or being suitable for Google’s criteria such as building links too fast, copying contents from other websites or spamming links
  • The websites which are newly established
  • The websites having keywords which are newly done Seo. The Top position is not stable yet
  • Updating million of websites’ rankings at the same time is a hard job. Therefore, dancing is absolutely¬†a normal¬†phenomenon.

Which websites are protected from Google Dance?


The websites protected from Google Dance often are the ones done On-Page Seo well go with quality links.

  • Firstly, they are the websites which often focus on developing and optimizing contents holistically and these contents make sure of making benefits for users instead of using tricks to do¬†seo keywords.
  • Secondly, internal and external links are built¬†rigorously and systematically and useful for articles of that website.

Moreover, those websites often have high quality and stable backlink systems in a long time.

What can you do when your website ranking drops?


Google Dance phenomenon is often confused with Google Sandbox. Therefore, you have to define the reason why your website drops Top ranking so as to have a suitable solution.

The easiest way is to observe your competitors and the abnormality on Search Engine. If just your website drops ranking, you have to check your website whether it duplicates content or duplicates links or not. Of course, you would be punished by Google if you plagiarized.

On the other hand, if the ranking disturbances occur massly, websites drop Top rankings suddenly, it means that you are suffering Google Dance. The first thing you need to do is checking what you have done with your website within 1 recent week. Recheck what you did with On page and Off page sections that you implemented in the last week if there is anything illogical, then change back to the initial state.

At this moment, you have to check¬†Google Webmaster Tools to make sure if Google sent any error email and recheck Google analytics to see indicators such as Bounce Rate, users’ time on site, page view…If they are too low, you should try to improve them better.

After checking Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics, you should check keyword density on the page. Try to optimize your keyword density within 5 Р7 % or lower if you can, because sometimes optimizing keyword excessively can make your website drop ranking.

After optimizing keyword destiny, you should optimize internal links and add more new contents which are useful for viewers. Besides, you should share good articles on social networks to attract visitors to your website. Signals from social networks such as Likes, Shares and a huge number of visitors will make your website become more reputable.

You should check backlink source pointing to your website. For example, backlink source from forums is often unstable (because the posts are deleted; forums change links or delete links). This usually occurs creating an abnormal activity that makes keyword suffer Google Dance.

If you want to stand stably on a certain position, then the points that you gain need to

Improve users’ experience¬†to the maximum. Keep in mind that: websites are created to serve users, but not for Google. As a result, the more time users spend on site, ¬†the more you can avoid Google Dance.

Check if you violated anything when you doing seo Gplus:

  • Spam links on walls, on Gplus groups
  • Duplicate links on wall too much
  • Piece of link’s content is too short
  • Add too many friends at the same time and do not comply with the common regulation of community
  • Use too many accounts on the same IP

Here are ways to overcome when you violated Gplus policy or you are locked not to post links on Gplus:

  • Limit posting links continuously. Instead, you should¬†alternately post articles, texts, images…
  • When you have been locked not to post links, you should post images, texts in order to wait for Gplus to update and consider.
  • Do not post the links you have posted previously, ask friends to share important links
  • Do not post 1 link many times¬†on the same IP address.

How to distinguish Google Dance phenomenon?

A website rank high or low depends on many factors. One of them is that you are punished by Google. So, how to distinguish that your website changes ranking is because of Google Dance or being punished? The answer is that you have to observe other websites around you if they have the same situation with you or not.