Want to Reduce the Server Response Time of Your WordPress Site? Here is How You Can Do It!

Want to Reduce the Server Response Time of Your WordPress Site? Here is How You Can Do It!

The internet business entirely controls the world today. One can experience changes in the usage of technology on a daily basis as per the requirement.  One person innovates something, and the usage is so vast, there is always a need for a modification in the technology to suit the day-to-day requirement.  This modification can also be called as updates.  The same logic applies to SEO operation also and the updates can be called as SEO updates.

The easiest way to access information

There was a time when people opted for reading books to gain knowledge, but today (it is sad but has to be mentioned) that no one has time to read the significant volume of books to gain the information they require.  The easiest way to get information is through browsing the website.  When the user inputs required keyword into the option given, the search engine tries to show various websites which contain the information related to the keyword. Search Engine Optimization refers to the efficient management and usage of the website.  SEO ranks the site based on repeated visits to a website. The website gets repeated views only when the quality and content is given priority and maintained properly.

Why SEO faces so many complications?

Due to various reasons, the SEO faces a lot of difficulties in ranking the websites. So there is always need to implement new updates of the existing tools apart from new tools. The following are some of the tools which are required in SEO ranking.  The word update which is used as the tool is being regularly updated (on need-based) to control the websites.

Google Panda update

It filters web pages which have multiple keywords. It also manages a site with spam content resulting in encouragement for new and quality content.

Google Hummingbird update

It gives importance to long phrased keywords and helps in providing the list of keywords when a long phrase is an input in the option.

Google Penguin update

It helps in filtering those websites which are not following the site rules and are adopting illegal and unfair practices.

Google Pigeon update

This helps in providing the local area results to improvise the local area around the user’s .

When the function of any network server is evaluated, the importance of a server response time comes into the picture.   Like mentioned before, the user inputs the keyword he/she wants the information in the search engine option and in return the search engine works efficiently and provides the list of useful websites related to the keyword mentioned.  Server response time (SRT) is the time between the web browser request from the server and the response given back to the browser from the web server.  Experts’ advice that SRT below 200 ms is good.

SEO – Is it easy or difficult to learn?

Normally SEO is not easy to be operated by anyone, but it is not so difficult to learn. By practice, anyone can master the subject.  There are certain wizards like WordPress which helps the common web browser to learn the SEO techniques.  There is a step-step learning module available in this wizard which can be utilized to create an own website, or content and learn to manage these.   Even though WordPress platform is supporting its users a lot, nowadays users are complaining of slower SRT even on this web server.  When SRT is taking a long, it irritates.  I got irritated when there was a delay in getting the search results. This is a crucial issue to be sorted out.

How to reduce server response time of your WordPress site:

  • There are many web servers which can be used to create a website. If you are building a business oriented website, and are expecting an infinite number of customers, then your host web server should have good network linking. Or else you may lose your valuable clients. If SRT is taking a long time to give you search results, there is always a need to recheck your web server network links.
    One good suggestion is to change your web server to a better web server like WordPress and enjoy the speed of the flow of information.  As the WordPress platform is giving its browsers a lot of facilities, some websites created is more resulting in piling up of websites.  Normally even though the web platform like WordPress is good, due the problem of more sites, information compiled from Word Press web server may be slow.  So, unwanted and unauthorized websites should be removed to provide more importance to quality sites.
  • Typically, any Web server provides the website the facility to add plugins when required. Even WordPress platform offers the same, and the option is very flexible.  Probably, this is the reason why the WordPress websites are getting slow.   The more the plugins, the more it adds weight to the site. The plugins increase the size of the database which will slow down the functioning of the site.  Therefore, unnecessary plugins have to be removed from WordPress websites to reduce SRT of the WordPress site. The homepage of your website has to be managed properly.  Many web browsers get attracted to your homepage first and no matter how much they concentrate on each of your content, but frequently they are supposed to return to your homepage. The appearance also has to be concentrated.  The homepage design should be attractive and should give only the highlights and not the main content.   The content or the posts have to place on the other sheets of the website. This speeds up the SRT of WordPress website.
  • Whenever a content or blog is posted, it is advised to post relevant images. The designer has to see that both the content and the image are co-related.  Any other images which are not related to the content have to be removed from the website as this will speed up the pace of the WordPress Server.

I would like to make one point clear that the lower the server response time, higher the efficiency of the network server.