Vinaora Visitors Counter

Vinaora Visitors Counter is a famous and nice counter module for Joomla!. This module shows you the number visitors of your site by day, by week, by month. And this module is now used in thousands of websites. If you were here, download and install it, you’ll like it.


Vinaora Visitors Counter - Joomla HoverVinaora Visitors Counter - Joomla DefaultVinaora Visitors Counter - Joomla Sports



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4 Responses

  1. mai_jakkaphan says:


  2. bcss2016bd says:

    This is a great extension but in the download option only Joomla install is given.
    Looking for WordPress installation.

  3. monjurbd says:

    Please add way to display visitor’s number in “plain digit” instead of “graphical digit”. This is very important.

  4. Jigko says:

    I want to know about period of time to count +1 from any IP to visit site.

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