Top 8 Things to Consider While Revamping Your Website

Top 8 Things to Consider While Revamping Your Website

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Since the nature of the internet is always changing, both your website and the marketing team should also never stand still. It does not mean that you should have a new marketing team and website every month. What it simply means is – you need to have a trendy website to keep pace with time so that you can boost your progress in the business. Still, revamping, redesigning or upgrading your website may be a highly baffling task for you. In this post, you will find so many eye-opening tips to redesign your existing website.

1. Decide where you want to go with your blog

where you want to go

While implementing any thought for redesigning your existing website, just decide where you want to go with your blog. A blog is always a great dilemma for most online marketers. Some give preference to external platforms like WordPress or Blogger, while others opt for keeping the blog onsite.

In order to serve SEO purposes, hosting your onsite blog is the best way to capture the benefits in the light of the fact that blogs are the most suitable place to post niche content that contains vivid and diverse phrases and keywords. Optimizing properly your blog content is very crucial in your website redesign task, regardless of where you want to host your blog.

2. Stay natural, vibrant and vivid while writing blog content

writing blog content


The principal goal of your blog must be to invite new readers as well as potential customers. Helping your readers to take well-informed decisions about your domain of expertise is ideally something that converts them into buyers. Stay natural, relevant and vibrant while creating content for the blog and circulate it. Also, do not forget to participate in different conversations with a niche market. Passionately use different social media channels to drive more traffic to your blog.

3. Video content vs. Flash

Video content vs. Flash

Videos are playing a highly important role in digital marketing in the contemporary times. With YouTube enjoying the privilege of being the number 2 search engine in the cyberspace, videos are creating mammoth opportunities for businesses across the globe.

As per the Cisco’s Annual Visual Networking Index which has been released in the second quarter of the last year, global online videos are going to exceed 2 billion users by the end of 2017. The video is always a very search-friendly asset and it boosts search engine visibility in an incredible manner while engaging the consumers. Flash, on the contrary, is not search-friendly at all and even increases your page loading time. Therefore, until your content requires unavoidable visual aides, just give no thought to Flash.

4. Keep your content informative

Keep your content

Source: The Huffington Post

Archived content is always considered to be an effective way to compete for keywords and phrases. Different search engines will crawl your high quality archived content, and visitors will also appreciate that collection of varied information. Well, strategic PowerPoint presentations from diversified webinars and events always enrich archived content and boost your ranking.

5. Do not forget your customers

Don't forget your customers


Get into the habit of always consulting your customers, ask them what exactly they want. Your new website is being redesigned for them, after all. You can achieve this by creating a comprehensive survey or poll, dispatching a marketing email or directly asking through different social media networks. However, the best way by far is taking a test of your website. Schedule usability and serviceability test walkthroughs with as many customers as you can so that you can observe minutely how customers are interacting with your website.

One of the most significant aspects associated with online marketing is asking on a regular basis. With social media channels and other online platforms, asking has really become very much easier. Always feel encouraged to ask questions that will help you give a fillip to your business. If you have any specific query in terms of website revamping, search engine optimization or social media, just feel free to invite feedback straightly in the comments box.

6. Make forms as simple as you can

Make forms as simple as you can

Users always detest and dislike the forms which are overly long and ask countless questions. The forms which make users fill up a lot of areas annoy the visitors to the extent of hate. Therefore, while redesigning your website, please take care of these forms in terms of length, relevance and engagement capabilities. When the job is done, please do not forget to check the functionalities at your end at least two-three times.

7. Make your webpage more navigable

Make your webpage more navigable


Make sure that you have properly manageable links put in the site through a navigational menu which is effortlessly visible to the visitor. The links which are difficult to find irritate the users instantly and spoil their surfing experience

This makes their visit fully unfruitful on your website as they find themselves unable to get what they wanted from your website. Therefore, redesign your website in order to organize its each and every piece of information in a well-thought manner so that your visitors can find it easy to go to the other pages of your website.

8. The revamping exercise must make your site more attractive

revamping exercise must make your site more attractive

Source: Quertime

While upgrading your website, it is necessary for you to make sure that it becomes more eye- catching and alluring to visitors with a power-packed layout design. You must use interesting, relevant and eyeball-grabbing graphics, pictures, fonts and color combinations on the website in order to make it compelling on each and every parameter. This will make sure that you are now enabled to give a tough fight to your competitors on the internet.

The end note

Your website revamping must include all the features and winning factors that you wished to include in the first cut of the website, but could not do so. Make sure that your homepage contains each and every piece of necessary information which will entice the users to browse the other set of pages of your site. Take a closer look at the first version of your web design to mark the flaws and intriguing difficulties a user while accessing the other pages of the site. This will provide you with ideas to incorporate all the missed elements in your to-be-revamped website.


A strong online presence is important to succeed in an immensely competitive business environment. A well-designed functional website is integral to establish a strong online presence. Your website is your first line of communication with your online prospects. A highly competitive business landscape and extremely short attention span of online customers warrant you have a website which can provide relevant information quickly and in a coherent manner.

The article lists the various factors that could make your website attractive and easy to navigate. It further lists how you need to inculcate high-quality images and multimedia content in the right numbers and in the right way to draw the attention of both your present and potential customers as well as that of search engine spiders.