TOP 5 Joomla Fashion Templates Overview

With the development of modern technology, the Internet became an inseparable part of our lives. Nowadays we do not need to buy newspapers in order to learn the recent news, there is no need in going to libraries to complete research, and it is possible to read a book without having its physical copy. With few simple gestures, we can access all the information online.

Moreover, most people prefer using search engines, like Google or Yahoo, in cases of need to traditional research methods. It is easier to get your phone and just type what you need and the search engine will do the rest for you. Everything that remains is to choose between thousands and millions of different search results, which one suits user’s purposes better. Of course, this influenced all aspects of our life. Companies that want to stay afloat must have websites and promote their services online. Moreover, their websites must be attractive and be competitive, even have individuality in order to stand out among hundreds of concurrent websites.

The same criteria applied to fashion companies. Undoubtedly, different web templates are important as a perfect tool for quick organization, setting and designing websites. With the clever and skillful use of special software, they can shorten the amount of time needed to organize websites. In turn, there are many different solutions to intensify the web productivity, for example, Joomla Templates for various demands and tastes. Here is the list of the current TOP 5 Joomla Templates around the world.

Ian Peterson Joomla Template

Ian Peterson Joomla Template

The first theme is called Ian Peterson provided by Delta. This type of Joomla Template is very flexible, it possesses a nice design and enjoyable color palettes. Possibilities to choose between different color palettes, integrate with social networks and services like Google Maps is making it more interactive and comfortable to use. Moreover, I would like to note that this theme is well adapted for PC, tablets and mobile phones, which is a huge advantage. Nice-looking lazy load effect improves downloading speed, which results in better impression while scrolling down. Navigation panel allows presenting all the services and good in a laconic manner, without overloading the main page. With cross-browser compatibility, it is easy to install and use.

All things considered, this template is well-designed and elaborated. Its simple yet comfortable as well as enjoyable design will be able to attract more customers and users. Customization choices are not quite big, however, it is enough to make this template look according to its goals. Yet, it is important to note that it better looks on devices with bigger displays. On phones with small screens, it will look slightly clumsily. This theme is the best choice for portfolio websites of various types, as it focuses on providing the visual information from all sides

Online Fashion Joomla Template

Fashion Joomla Responsive Template

It is called Online Fashion, made by the same author, Delta. This template resembles previous one with its features and characteristics, yet there are differences between them.

The first and the most obvious one is the design. Based on contrasts and visual tricks, it is nice-looking and laconic. I would like to note that providing most important information, like location and customer reviews in short in the bottom makes this template more preferable in cases when a customer requires a website for selling his products as well as services. In turn, gallery enables to present goods in the most attractive way. It is well-adapted and good-looking on all devices. As a result, this is making this template’s integration with various social media including Google, Tweeter and Facebook easier.

Consequently, a website will be more interactive and provide a quick feedback. It is important to note other social features as the commenting system, blog, and forum. Big photo slider at the top of page draws attention and is very pleasant and nice to look at. This theme, as the previous one, is focused on providing visual information and doing its job in a perfect manner.

Fashion Spirit Joomla Template

Fashion Friendly Joomla Template

This representative of the top 5 Joomla Templates list is made by Mercury. This template features card-based layout, very trendy and popular nowadays. It has the laconic and very enjoyable design based on nice-looking color palettes. The strong point of this template is navigation, which includes notable sidebar navigation menu, which allows efficiently switch between pages and helps to find important information. It is also convenient that each card presents topic by itself. Being presented correctively, having nice-looking pictures and attractive headers, it becomes click bait.

Looking smoothly, this template is great for websites created with the purpose to sell goods. It focuses attention on the most important things, yet it is very functional and pleasant to use. It is integrated with popular social media, has communication features, which allows creating a community of a topic-interested group of people. Additionally, this template is responsive and good-looking on various devices. Custom color palettes are looking good and do not distract from important things, and cross-browser compatibility allows to set up this template quickly without facing any difficulties.

Fashion Blog Joomla Template

The fourth part of the list of the best Joomla Templates¬†type is named Fashion Designer and made by Cowboy. This template is designed for any fashion related projects, like blogs, portfolio, and stores. It combines pleasant interface and informative structure; even home page provides users with recent news, information about the author, gives location and even has a ‚Äėcontact us‚Äô feature. This template provides more text information than previous ones; however, combined with nice-looking pictures, it is competitive among other themes.

This template has many features, such as Gallery/Forum/Blog support, Google maps, alternative module layouts, 1170 Grid System and other ones, which can be set and customized in any way. As a result, this theme has various tools, thanks to which it can be easily made to correspond all requirements of the website. The main advantage for this template is that it has built using SEO practices, which means that search engines will show websites with this theme higher than concurrent sites. This means higher traffic and bigger efficiency for achieving audiences.

Apparel Responsive Joomla Template

It is named Apparel Responsive, made by Mercury. This template is designed specifically for fashion stores. Its main features are pleasant design, informative main page, and integration with social media. Moreover, the strong feature of this template is the possibility to use video as background, which enhances the visual experience of browsing this site. This not only allows to present main qualities of companies, it also makes websites more vivid and gives the feeling of interactivity. Tools included to this theme allow changing color palettes, which helps to alter overall experience using this page.

For navigational purposes, there is a menu which sticks to the top. This allows efficient browsing as long as there is no need in returning back to the top in order to visit other pages of the website. Being adapted to all mainstream browsers, this theme allows making any changes without worries how it will look as a result. As a one of the best Joomla Templates, it is easy to install and use, which makes this theme a good choice for creating an interactive, qualitative and good-looking website.