Top 10 online Collaboration Tools: Exclusive for Web Designers and Developers

To make a project or a small task successful, it is necessary that all the members in the design as well as the development team cooperate and have an effective communication among each other. And this is where online collaboration tools come in handy. However, it is often the case that members of different teams are not able to collaborate effectively with each other. There can be many reasons for this. The most common one is that the individuals of different teams do not work together at the same place. Apart from this, there can be many other reasons that act as an obstacle in the effective collaboration between the team members of different teams.

In this post, we will discuss the top 10 online collaboration tools that will enable the web designers and the developers to cooperate and work together with each other.

1. InVision


InVision is a collaboration tool that simplifies the whole process of web design. With the help of this, you can convert the designs into active prototypes consisting of transitions, gestures, and animations. InVision offers drawing tools and color coded pointers that are very helpful in getting the feedback, reviews and the daily collaboration of the clients.

It has a built-in functionality for commenting. The tool offers you whiteboarding and real-time meetings related to design. All the members of the design team can track the progress of each module.

2. Slack


Slack is one of the widely used collaboration tools whose main focus is to create an effective communication between the team members. It will enable you to have transparency in the work which is possible due to the creation of different open channels for the team members.

Slack is best suited for any person that manages a team of employees that will allow the process of project development to move freely. You can grow your business by reducing the time that is spent on email and meetings. All the communication of the team will be done at a single place.

3. Marqueed


Marqueed collaboration tool will enable you to share the images and feedback within a team. It has an activity feed that will keep a check on all the changes that are been made. Marqueed features a real-time notifications mechanism that will prove to be very beneficial for those who are working according to stringent schedules.

You can easily share the design annotations with the members of the team. With the help of the tool, you can keep a watch on any of the developments with the help of the active notifications and activity feed.

4. Trello


Trello is a very interactive and user-friendly tool that consists of all the essential features that will enable you to perform your meetings related to web development. The tool has lists, cards, and boards that can be used easily for keeping the work organized and at one place.

You can have a glance over all the key information. It consists of certain cards that will enable you to get all the details by opening them. The developers can add notes, comments, due dates, attachments and a wide range of other things with the help of cards.

5. Concept Inbox

Concept Inbox

This tool is best suited for the design teams who are looking for an all round feedback collaboration tool. Concept Inbox apart from the basic features of a collaboration tool also supports PDFs and videos. You will be able to review contracts with the help of this.

Feedbacks for the design work that includes videos and graphics can be shared easily. These feedbacks are converted into tasks that are removed once they are finished. All the PDF contracts can be reviewed collectively as a team.

6. Todoist


Todoist is an online collaboration tool by which all the users can work together on the shared tasks. The tool can be accessed anywhere even on the go. With the help of this, all the members are able to break up all the big tasks into the smaller ones. After getting these tasks to a manageable order, you can assign them to the team members and start discussing the project.

The whole team can visualize the productivity in a very easy manner. You will get an offline as well as the online access of your project.

7. GitHub


GitHub is very popular among most of the web developers. It is a famous development platform that will enable you to review and host your code. You can manage any kind of project and software. The tool has a Pull Requests feature that will motivate commenting and conversions.

GitHub has code review tools that are built in. You can manage the workflow of the development project that will ease the collaboration process. Users can develop the code documentation of their individual code projects.

8. GoVisually


GoVisually is just another tool that will design feedbacks. However, one feature that sets it apart from the others is its support for mobile displays. This will allow you along with your team to keep a track on the progress of the project. The tool will also enable you to calculate the potential of a team that includes the comments on the designs.

You will be able to manage the different teams of designers working on various projects. With the help of your mobile phones, you can stay updated with all the developments that have been made on the designs.

9. Cage


Cage houses a feedback system similar to all the other tools. However, there are some unique features that are included by it. It has an approval system that will make it into a centralized hub for design work. All the functionalities like uploading your designs, receiving feedbacks, the creation of project presentations along with keeping a watch over the approval of revisions.

Cage collaboration tool will enable you to approve and send back all the design that require more work. On the basis of your designs, you can also create web presentations.

10. Yammer


Yammer is a social media collaboration tool that will enable the developers to privately collaborate with their clients and team members privately. It can be easily used on devices of each and every size that makes it the favorable choice for most of the users as it can be accessed on the go.

Yammer will enable you to share the ideas and ask your queries. It consists of public and private groups depending on the sensitivity of ideas.


The possession of online collaboration tools will prove very beneficial for all the members that work in different teams. However, in the above post, we have focused on the top 10 tools for web designer and developers. Depending on the requirements of your team, you can choose any of them from the above-mentioned list.

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