Timeline as the Ultimate Form of Storytelling

Timeline as the Ultimate Form of Storytelling

I bet, the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear the word ‘timeline’ is a Facebook timeline. Most of us have used this legendary layout to post statuses and pictures on our social profiles. And most of us love it because it’s handy. Guess, timeline is the best way to tell the story of our lives so far.

Timelines are infographics used to present the course of events in their chronological order. The visual design looks like a sequence of occasions placed along the horizontal or vertical line. This makes it easier to figure out the temporal relationships between the memorable dates. As for the design solutions, they may be quite different. It is common to come across tabular forms or year-by-year paragraphs.

Responsive Timeline

So, what does a timeline have to do with storytelling? The answer is: “Everything”! There is no better way to tell your story in a concise, yet lightweight form. A storytelling trend is huge in web design right now, so why not make the most out of it. All it takes is to combine a timeline with your content and see what happens next.

You may come across many history-related projects on the web. Their main focus is to highlight the important dates and events. You might even need to build a site like this or incorporate a timeline into the current web layout. There’s no better engine than WordPress to help you do that.

In case you’re not a seasoned web designer or have limited funds to create a website, there is a solution for you.

DW TimeLine Pro

Thanks to DW Timeline Pro, working with timelines will be a pleasure. This is a ready-made WordPress theme you can use for building a blog or an online portfolio.

Long scrolling technique applied in the design of this theme is great for telling any kind of story you like. The pros of using this layout are obvious:

  • Timelines provide space for visual effects and creative storytelling. If you’re creating a blog post, you can always make it stand out. DW Timeline Pro offers 6 different post formats. Feel free to use any of these: Standard, Gallery, Video, Status, Image and Quote.
  • Timelines simplify the navigation on different devices. 100% responsive design renders well on both mobile phones and desktops.
  • Timelines induce user interaction. They get people interested in scrolling along the history scale to find out the line-up of events.
  • Timelines can create game-like experiences. Consider immersive storytelling. Users can get plenty of controlled and innovative experiences with virtual reality technologies.

DW TimeLine Pro Theme

Great for building creative portfolios, use timelines for business projects as well. For instance, this layout structure will fit real estate WordPress themes. There’s no better option to showcase the best property deals. Using different post formats you can create a separate post for a particular piece of property.

These are just a few examples of using timelines for your web resources. I’m pretty sure, there is a lot more you can think of.

Here we are! Hope, this post was useful and now you know a bit more about timelines. Will you use a timeline layout for your website? Would you recommend one to a friend?

Please, share your opinions in the comment section below!