What are Some Solutions for the Serious E-commerce Errors Which are commonly Made?

What are Some Solutions for the Serious E-commerce Errors Which are commonly Made?

Simply listing the products in any e-commerce business and thinking the traffic will get more to the website is a very wrong idea. Many e-commerce and online stores tend to make some serious yet common mistakes that can cost a lot of money.

However, there are many effective solutions to these serious yet common problems to prevent any issues that e-commerce websites may face due to these problems. This article will take a look at some solutions for the serious E-commerce errors which are commonly made.

Some e-commerce mistakes and their solutions:

1. Not describing the product properly

This is one of the most common errors that many gift e-commerce websites make. Customers look for theĀ proper description of the product as it helps them to understand whether to purchase the product or not both from the image and the description that is provided with the image.

Not only that, this lack of proper description of the product will also reduce the chances of the product’s website to be in the top rank in the search engine query, even for the queries that are low frequency. If the chances of the webpage to secure a position in the top rank of the search engine query increase, there will be more consumers get to know about the e-commerce website to drive a growth in the sale of the products listed on the e-commerce website.

For example: if you place an image of any unique clothing item, the picture will convey a lot of message to the purchasers so as to help them decide whether to purchase it. This occurs occasionally but no matter what image you upload, the search engine will not consider the image as it cannot see them and as a result your rank will not be increased.

Therefore, for any item or image, always use proper description(s). To know how much unique content is needed, it is very easy as you will just need to measure the default word count in a blank page of the product.

Count all the words in the page and make sure that the unique contents of the web page should cross the default word count to achieve heavier weight on the content. Always write clear and quality contents describing the products properly to help the consumers to make the decision to purchase the product. Never copy exact content from the other websites as your website because you will get penalized for doing the copy from the search engine. Although you will need to write clear descriptive content, you should make sure that your content is not in excess.

2. Using the product descriptions directly from the manufacturers

You will face a lot of problems if you do so as this will lead to the banning of your website from the search engine. The reason for this is that the descriptions are shipped to various online stores. The online stores then leave the exact content as it is, without changing any sentence or words. As a result, Google will filter those websites only with the similar content. These websites will decrease the ranking due to the duplicate content.

Therefore, if you do not want to get filtered and reduce down the ranking, you will need to make sure that you create unique content for the e-commerce website.

For example, you are provided with certain product description from a certain manufacturer. Now the manufacturer also sent the exact same description to others as well. If each one of the online merchants, including you, use the same description without making any significant changes in the description by modifying the sentence and the style, yours and others website will get filtered and fall down in ranking in search engine due to the similar descriptions used.

In case you are not able to write a proper unique content for any of your website, then you can use no index Meta tag on the page of the product. Also, make sure that you should create good SEO standing to get better SEO traffic for your webpage.

3. The lacking of product review(s)

This is another common mistake, which is not to get product review(s) for the products that are being sold to the consumers through the website. Online consumers always look for product reviews for any certain product so as to help them make the decision to purchase the product.

If your e-commerce website has minimal or not product review from the past consumers who purchased the product, you will end up missing a good number of potentialĀ consumers who can purchase the product(s) that your website sells.

One of the biggest advantages of making consumers leave product review(s) for any product they purchase is thatĀ these product reviews are unique contents and because of having the unique contentsĀ on your website, it will reach a higher ranking on the search engine rank and will generate more website traffic. Also the more frequently you are updating your website, the better SEO effort will be gained.

4. Not optimizing the WebPages

Many e-commerce websites leave out the optimization of the web pages containing products that is based on the search demand. Always make sure that you are using the keywords that are in demand. When you are using any title or product description, make sure that the certain demand keyword is included in there.

Some solution for this problem is to use model number of the certain product in the title tag and also in the H1 heading. You should also include theĀ brand name of theĀ product and fill the image alt tag information in. However, even if you need to include the keyword, make sure that you do not end up stuffing the webpage with the keyword as it will look unnatural and repetitive. Also, you should not use Iframe to display any of your products. The content should exist on your product page the way it is supposed to be.

5. Not providing enhanced and better user experience

Many e-commerce websites are not able to provide a great user experience with the AMP. Many of the online merchants leave out the need to optimize e-commerce website for mobile devices. Now, this will not benefit the e-commerce website at all. The mobile pages that are accelerated allow the consumers to get a better interface when using the e-commerce websites to surf and purchase any products from a mobile device. There are three actionable parts of AMP in action, which are: AMP HTML, AMP JS and Google AMP cache.

6. Not using unique titles for product title tags

You will need to use unique titles for your e-commerce website product title tags. This will allow you to avoid getting the similar duplicate values. You should not repeat the same keyword again and again. If you are looking for the right keyword, you can make a quick survey of the consumers to check which keywords they tend to use when looking for a certain product.


In conclusion to this article, you have seen why it is important to avoid these common yet serious SEO errors. If you make these errors, your website traffic will remain decreased and if you want to want to increase the traffic and get more sales, then you should definitely correct these SEO errors for better prospects.