Skills to make effective product review videos for online shops

Skills to make effective product review videos for online shops

With online shoppers, whether small shop or big shop, investing in the video introducing new products is very necessary. Nowadays, besides writing product descriptions by text (text content) or product images, using video is a very intuitive way of communicating, making it easier for customers to reach and understand about your product. Many online shops nowadays make videos to describe the product, which adds value and quality to their website.

By intuitive product review videos,¬†customers will understand better about the product that they are about to buy, as well as capture the use of products with complex equipment.¬†Whether your business is clothing, cosmetics, technology products, home appliances …you should make videos.¬†In short, it is a good idea to make a video, not only to demonstrate your expertise and understanding of the field that you are selling but also to provide customers with the most intuitive and insightful view of the product.¬†So how to make a¬†product review video? You will find out the answer in this article.

1. Understand your audience

How do you say exactly about the product without knowing who you are reviewing it for?

A product review video can not perform its function well without a grasp of who will see it. When you know exactly who you are talking to, you can give specific characteristics and ideas about what they like or dislike.

Mostly, who is using the product? Make sure you not only know who they are (age, race, gender, etc.), why they want to use the product but also the limitations of the product and review them.

2. Technical factors

A basic studio will usually include:

  • Backdrop: some kinds of¬†small photo light boxes,¬†product turntable,¬†monochrome backdrop,¬†ripple backdrop… to create an impressive background image for the product.
  • Light: This is a very important factor which¬†greatly affects the visual effects¬†of video. You should prepare¬†specialized lamps for shooting such as LED or¬†kinoflo lamps¬†to have the suitable light for all kinds of products.
  • Camcorders and supported devices:¬†The simplest way is to use a smartphone if you just upload HD files to YouTube and Facebook.¬†If you need better pictures, better color, you can also refer to the line of DSLR cameras, they are adequate enough.¬†Some devices that support beautiful angles you can refer to are: tripod,¬†slider,¬†gimbal, Steadicam…If you want to shoot video with captions recorded directly,¬†do not forget to buy a set of mic for the smartphone¬†or a recording microphone that is appropriate for the DSLR.

These 3 factors are the most basic points you need to capture. Of course, depending on the requirements and creativity, you can buy more decorations, invest in different lighting effects, colors, and so on. If you do not have the ability to do a professional studio for yourself, you can also choose the method of recording with a smartphone, for example, make a live stream. Or if you invest more, you can refer to studios for rent, filming equipment and even photographers Рfilmmakers.

3. The skills of an MC

One of the most important factors to review the product in an appealing way is the ability of the video presenter. Most online business owners or small shops will usually perform product reviews on their own, there are very few cases of hiring models or external MCs.

This is also regarded as an advantage, as no one understands the product more than the owner.¬†However, there is a limitation, if you are not confident, or the statement is not definitive, inspirational and inspirational, it is difficult to attract people’s interest.

The product introduction video will be boring and tedious if the MC uses steady tone, there is no emphasis and flexibility. If you really want to excel in the numerous products introduced, try to showcase your product in a compelling and energetic way. Use voice more effectively with flexible tone.

In order to be more confident when talking and sharing,¬†reviewers can also improve their skills by rehearsing scripts several times before they start, or take a presentation or MC classes.¬†In addition to the MC’s good talking skills, in order to convey in an easy to understand, easy to remember way,¬†video scripts are also quite important.¬† So how to have a good product introduction script?

4.  Product introduction script

The product introduction script needs to be:

  • Brief and come into focus:¬†Life is busy so any customer will find it difficult to accept long introductions. Create bullet points of the product that you want to let your customers know.¬†These are the strongest points of the product.
  • Introduce benefits, do not introduce features:¬†Before introducing a product/service, it is important to define what the value of the product is¬†and try to find ways to promote the benefits of using the product, rather than the characteristics of the product. If customers know what they will receive when using your product, they will remember more easily.
  • Entice the users:¬†After introducing the product, you need to know how to entice and invite people to buy.¬†You can offer urgent promotions, such as “My shop will discount 20% only for¬†the 5 lucky customers ordering the earliest”. This will urge customers to buy¬†immediately after your new product is launched.

Although a product review script is very important, it would be a problem if you rely on the script too much. How will the audience feel if you just focus on the script during the presentation? Communicating with the eyes to the viewer and being comfortable with what you are saying will help viewers feel more confident in what you are presenting.

5. Videos need to be honest

One common problem is that reviewers are often hesitant to talk about the product as their nature. They make the product become too good, just mention the good aspects and they do not accurately reflect the user experience. Or else they will criticize the product because the dominant negative aspects usually attract more views.

A product review videos need to be honest and balance the good and bad points of the product. Talk about both positive and negative is very important, otherwise, you will not help anything to viewers.