How Nice Visual Content Can Improve the Whole Website: Tips for Beginners

How Nice Visual Content Can Improve the Whole Website: Tips for Beginners

Having visual content on your website can help you out in a number of ways. You might have noticed that more and more people lose interest in long-form articles and opt for visual content instead. That is why you need to take advantage of that fact and implement visual content into your website in a smart and relevant way. But why is visual content so important? How exactly does it help in attracting more follows and getting hits more hits?

Emphasize your visual content

Even having a small image next to your long-form post or article can help in a number of ways. Remember all those lectures you had to endure in school where the professor would present slide after slide of nothing but plain text? That is exactly how your visitors feel when they come to your website and see nothing but raw text information. Having written content is very important in maintaining a successful website, but it is just as important to create a balance between visual and written content.

By creating a healthy dynamic of the two, you will keep the visitors engaged and asking for more content. If you only have one without the other, your visitors will likely leave your site just as fast as they found it. Make sure that you emphasize whatever visual content you do have in site headers, between paragraphs, as site background, and so forth. Having a graphic or web design expert help you out with visual hierarchy can also go a long way if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

Design your landing page

The landing page is the first page your visitors see when they visit. The most famous example of a landing page is Facebook’s own welcome page. It gives you a perfect idea of what you are in for and it instantly gives you an ability to sign up and use the service. The visual content on Facebook’s landing page is simple, flat and very pleasing to the eye.

You should always design your landing page according to the color palate of your site and the desire you have towards your visitors. Having no unique landing page and heading straight for the home page is also a way to go – it all depends on the type of website you are running.

Keep your content consistent

Having a clear visual identity is essential to be successful. Visitors like nothing more than seeing a cohesive website that knows what it is all about. When you start designing your website, think ahead and create a distinct palate of visual elements such as matching colors, page and navigation hierarchy, external widgets and so forth. Every element you decide to use should be in the same position no matter what page on your site the user might be visiting. This will keep them from getting lost and leaving the website.

The same rule applies for your written content and articles. Having professional help is always a good idea no matter what site you are running. Check out Best Writers Online in order to better understand what type of an expert you need for your specific content. Once you have your consistent visual identity set up, adding new content and designing new pages will be very easy and intuitive.

Create original images

You might think that you are not a good designer or a photographer. While you may be right, the same train of thought does not apply to your visitors. You should avoid using stock photos whatever chance you get. People have become increasingly skeptical of stock photos that look too perfect to be true. They will always choose honest and original photos and illustrations over any kind of staged photo you find on the web.

Do not shy away from being original and create your own image content. This can improve your entire site tremendously and attract a huge number of visitors simply for being honest and human.


Use relevant videos

Visual content also includes videos, meaning that you can put video content on your site to make it more appealing. Sometimes delivering a certain message or making a point will be easier by video, so why not link YouTube to your site and do just that? You will not only appear forward-thinking and modern but also smart and intuitive by finding the right video to prove your point.

Visual content in the form of videos is also much more accessible since it doesn’t require reading and can be accessed by a larger number of people. You can even go a step further and create your own video content using animations or filming yourself talking. Use whatever content you deem necessary in order to deliver the right message to your audiences.

Use infographics

Using hard facts and visual data is always a good idea when trying to prove a point. Visual content in the form of infographics, pie charts, diagrams and similar data visualization is always a smart idea. Implementing this type of visual content into your website will give credibility to whatever you are trying to convey, making it much easier to gain followers and earn more hits. Make sure that you base your visual data on actual hard evidence, since putting false data out there can make it hard to gain back the trust of your readers.

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Visual content in today’s web design is just as important as written content. By making sure that your content is diverse and accessible, you will earn new audiences much more easily than by sticking to one type of content. Do whatever you think is best for your site and combine these tips into new ways of delivering quality content. It works for any type of site and any niche you might be operating in. Do not be afraid to experiment and create new and exciting combinations of visual content that will spruce up your site and make it the next big thing.