How minimal web design and supersize typography combine to give amazing results.

How minimal web design and supersize typography combine to give amazing results.

The simplest things in life are the most interesting ones. The truthfulness of this statement is very evident in art. It does not matter what kind of art is talking about; music, painting or web design, simplicity is very important. Usually, artists try to create something very complicated. The final result simply leaves people wondering exactly what the artist meant with their piece. Every website designer knows too well that this should never happen at all. This is why minimalism is becoming incredibly popular in the world of design.

Take a look at some of the world’s finest websites and you will discover something unique about them. They have a really simple design. Sites for brands like 99 X 99s, Apparatus, Fuse Collective and Blank are extremely simple yet they are incredibly elegant. They use minimal with super size typography to achieve a seriously attention-grabbing effect. If you want to create a website focusing on drawing then you can trust these two styles will satisfy you.

What exactly is minimalism?


Well, minimalism is an art movement that started some few decades ago. It was restricted to only canvas art but now it has penetrated to other forms of art including web design. Artists use minimalism on the principle that ‘less is more’. This catch-phrase was popularized by a highly reputed architect named Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It captures the whole idea of minimalism design. In layman’s terms, minimalism involves breaking down a piece of work into its barest elements. The work will be left with only the elements that are going to enable the design to function.

The artists will proceed by removing everything until there is nothing more that can be removed. However, the purpose of the design should still remain intact. In arts such as literature, music and paintwork it really is simple but the cases are different when it comes to web design. It can be one traumatizing challenge. The designers are forced to use only those elements that are necessary for the functioning of a given design so that designers are able to achieve a desired effect which is usually more than the total of the elements used.

Simplicity is the key


As you might have discovered, minimalism is all about simplicity. Why would someone want simplicity while they can create something very elegant and complex? The benefits that come with minimalism design are so many. One of these benefits is that you will have fewer features drawing the attention of your visitors from the main idea of the site. The same is the case with the search engines- their attention will be focused on the website’s main theme. This is particularly beneficial when the content is important than the design itself.

It is also important to note that search engines consider the loading time when they are ranking websites in the results of a keywords search. A website which takes an eternity to load will definitely have a problem ranking at number one or even in the first page. The amount of content on a page will affect its loading. If it has fewer items congesting it then it definitely will take less time to load.

What it takes to become a minimalist designer

Minimal designing has the main objective is to create simple content. However, the process of creating minimalist design is completely far from simple. You will be working with fewer tools and thus you should make maximum use of what you have. Mastering the minimal design will necessitate the mastery of design as well. You cannot hide an ornament behind decoration- therefore you need to keep in mind that the stylistic details will do very little to enhance a design which does not achieve its tasks.

It is important to take time to understand this form of design and do thorough practice. To become an excellent minimalist designer you will need a great understanding of space, grids, colors and typography. These will be very helpful to anyone with hopes of becoming a successful minimal designer.

How typography will help


Typography is probably the most important component in design. Literally described, it is the arrangement of types but there is so much more to this than meets the eye. A website without text is like a magazine that lacks text- now that would be disturbing. There are so many ways that you can use typography to build your minimal design to express the main theme of the whole story, the tone and message.

One of the most popular options for many designers nowadays is supersize typography. To a layman, it is the use of large letters– which is true. The large typography attracts attention effortlessly. Imagine someone wearing a plain white t-shirt with the word printed on it being ‘black’, you will notice that word every time you see that t-shirt. This is an example of minimal design and it can be used to send a message really easily. The same is the case with websites. The main idea of the site will be so evident. It can give the readers more insight into the subject of the particular design. This is on top of the fact that it will attract attention.

When typography is combined with proper layout, grid and color choice, it can achieve the desired effect excellently. Basically you can set the overall tone of the website depending on the typography that you choose to use. Of course the design will also be involved.