Increase your website conversions with our 5 landing page tricks

Increase your website conversions with our 5 landing page tricks

The idea behind boosting conversion rates is for higher generation of business leads and for attaining a bigger success. The web design layout and structure are the determining factors for the boost. The obvious factors are the attractive contents, social media, paid ads. In order to make things even more vibrant, there are specialized landing pages or link building for higher visitors. This simply means having your website in its best attractive mode and there are many web design companies that offer various web design services in the market to help in organizing and creating websites to generate as much leads as possible.

Attractive websites are everyone’s first choice and if the landing pages are boring and blunt, the page is closed which is a disaster for any business starters or developers. Websites are the visual version of the brand’s message opened to the world to view it. If the need for more conversion through visitors is the goal, then designing the website right is the most crucial key. Keep reading further to know the different ways to increase the conversion rates.

Attractive headlines and streamlined design 

Since the goal is for more conversion rates, the most important thing to note is to make conversion easy for the visitors. As the saying goes about how more choices welcome more confusion, it is the same here. More choices mean more time a person will take to decide and hence, what needs to be kept in mind is the philosophy of less is more. And with fewer choices, it will only mean higher conversion rates. Enabling simple form fields and having a single CTA button is wiser because the more details asked there will be fewer chances of conversions. Again, aside from making the conversion easy, it is important to have eye-catching headlines. Research shows that the websites with interesting headline tend to receive more visitors. Because headlines are the first thing people see, the decision to stay on the page or leave it depends on it. Here is the example of Attractive headlines

Image Source: sitepoint

Easier contents

The next important feature is the components of websites and contents are the most occupying components of any website. Since visitors do not usually read word by word, having the most interesting topics arranged in the first two paragraphs would be a smart move. It will be an added bonus if you make the content information easier to read by placing subtitles or highlighting the main points in bullet points with keywords. Another method for generating more leads through contents is having long-form. According to research, it has proven that long-form pages have higher leads by at least twenty-two percent. Long-form landing page sounds too long? Well, it is actually not that long or not that hard. Some tricks to make it easier is by laying out the goals of your website then deciding what kind of audience you target for. The next trick is to use keywords efficiently for coming up with new topics and finally, using the already existing content to inform new content.

Quality images


If you want a visitor to stay on your page and eventually convert, you have to make your website a pleasant place to be. Remember what I mentioned earlier about color triggering the central nervous system? The same goes for imagery. Having the right kind of images for the website is crucial for visitor traffic. Website with unattractive pictures is most likely to be ignored. Of course,  having a good content is more important but a beautiful website with amazing images can give a maximum push to the websites. Anything that is colorful catches the eye. Keeping in mind of having good images, it is also important to add images that actually give out a message, a value addition to the page. To be precise, pictures should not be a pushover for filling up the page’s empty blocks.

Thunder loading speed

The slower the page loading, the fewer visitors you gain. The people visiting the websites are only looking for certain information and if the page takes ages to lead they will only look the other way for assistance and that is how you also the opportunity for conversion. To make the website page load as fast lightning, the contents should be analyzed along with various other means to make it easier and quicker for speed clicks. One can use Google page speed insights to check the speed of the website for both mobile and desktop versions.

Mobile version of a website is a must

Since the world is now running on websites plus statistics also show higher mobile traffic, it is wiser to have a mobile version of the website. Research has shown that creating a mobile-friendly site is likely to double the conversion rates. The power of mobile is undeniably increasing and will continue to. So if your website is not adjusted to mobile version trend and still be rattling with desktops alone then it is the perfect time to make changes. This trend is a wake-up call for the websites aiming for rapid conversions.