How to increase Facebook FanPage like and develop online community

Facebook or social networks are a very potential communication channel for your sales website. All of your products and services will be known by your customers through these channels if you know how to attract them.

But how to attract the attention of customers online as well as convince them to use your products or services? This article will show you how to increase Facebook FanPage likes quickly.

1. Content on Facebook must show the uniqueness

This is obviously one thing you should do right from the start of building your Facebook page. If you want to attract a large number of people who are interested in your posts, you need to build a really engaging content.

You can post some topics like:

  • What does your FanPage talk about? People often share positive posts of those who really love your product or service.
  • You can become an expert: People often like to read information written by qualified people who are experts in a certain field.
  • The things that you post should be useful:¬†All posts must have an effect on people who like your site. This will help your page get high interactivity¬†from the comment and sharing of people.
  • Are your posts interesting? Anyway, the purpose of people entering social networking sites is entertainment. So know how to make them happy through real, interesting information and so they will like you.

2. Encourage customers to like your FanPage right on the website

When creating a sales website, you should place a small box or button “Like” your FanPage on the website.

In addition to the Facebook like buttons,¬†you can also encourage your customers to follow you on Facebook by watching your favorite product or share on your site, you can use a stimulus sentence like ” Like our¬†¬†Facebook to update the news about the best products and services “.

3. Share links to your Facebook page from anywhere

If you want to attract more followers, you need to promote it.  Facebook FanPage should be promoted everywhere.

Some places where you can promote your FanPage:

  • Signature in your email
  • Your personal Facebook. You should also invite all your friends to like that FanPage
  • Attach when sending newsletter for customers
  • Post on several other great social networks like LinkedIn, Google+…

4. Collaborate with some big FanPage and ask them to share the post

When you post something on Facebook, it may be about your product, service, or any post you wrote yourself, you can refer to a large fan page and  the contents that related to those topics, find out if the page will be ready to share it, then you can negotiate to share the post together.

You can find these pages by typing some keywords in your articles into search engines ( for example Google…), then choose which pages have the largest followers, email them, send the request as politely as possible if they are interested in the link you share. ( You must ensure the quality of the content and do not forget to like that page before sending the request).

In all of the pages that you sent the request,  there will be good feedbacks. Once your articles attract them, they would be willing to share. And after they share, there are certainly thousands of followers of their site will see your post. Try to apply this way to see how many people will be interested in your Facebook.

5. The information you share needs to be diverse

The information you share needs to be diverse.¬†A simple link can not attract the user.¬†When you share the link, you need to add a picture or description that is attractive, this will attract users than a simple link.¬†You can use the Photoshop software to insert the lines “Quote” in a simple photo and post with a link, sure will be much more effective.

You can use the Photoshop software to insert quotes in a simple photo and post with a link, It certainly will be much more effective.

6. Build relationships with the stores selling products that are similar or easy to combine

You can build a relationship with the shop whose products can be combined with your product, then two sides support each other on Facebook. This creates the interaction between customers and the two shops and makes customers interested in the relevant information you share.

Does your shop sell clothes? You can find a few shops selling accessories or footwear to coordinate and promote fashion mixes. With each new product, 2 shops will have the combination to suggest a nice and full outfit from the smallest details! This not only helps to advise customers but also promote the image of your shops.

7. Let the customer be entertained

You should be online and check Facebook every day. Keeping interaction with customers is very important. You should post on Facebook regularly, at least twice a day.
You should also post something that will help your customers feel comfortable and relaxed. Share what you like and who like you will continue to share it.

You should also give some interactive questions to customers to answer, questions may be customer surveys, quizzes…

If you do not post on Facebook regularly, your customers will not see your post on their news feed. Make sure all your posts are in public mode (so you can share with everyone) so that when someone likes or comments on your posts, their friends see this too.  This will encourage other customers to like your site more and that is the most effective way to increase Facebook FanPage likes.

8.  Monitor activities and Facebook  indicators regularly

Finally, you need to keep track of the metrics in your Facebook to see how much time your fan spend on your Facebook FanPage, what kind of posts are most popular, etc.

Building a strong Facebook page takes time, and requires a certain consistency. Make sure you spend enough time and effort building it into a powerful brand channel that provides a lot of useful information to your customers.