The Ideal Way to Sort Content to Be Compatible with Your SEO Strategies

The Ideal Way to Sort Content to Be Compatible with Your SEO Strategies

While doing sorting of content lots of questions must come in our mind like which one is better, categories or tags for SEO. What is the difference between tags and categories? What is the optimal number of types for WordPress, what is the difference between tags and keywords? And, how many categories we can assign to one post? How many tags we can have, are meta keywords and tags are same, in which scenario they are same and much more.

Let’s understand all these things one by one. Before going further let us first understand the meaning and difference between categories and tags.

Categories – It means generalizing your content or grouping it at a higher level (broad-grouping). It explains the meaning of blog, type of blog and helps the reader to find appropriate content on your site. You can even put sub-categories, as categories are hierarchal.

Tags – It is meant for specific details. It is not hierarchal. It is further division of categories that help users to get an idea what the blog is all about.

Suppose you have a food website and you are writing content for the same. Now, while doing content sorting suppose categories you have given are restaurants, food, dining, lunch, etc. and in that, you are writing about the type of food like pizza, pasta, noodles, etc.

Categories or Tags – Which one is superior

In point of view of SEO, both are important. The way Google spiders look at tags and categories are same.  If you are thinking just by doing categories or tags you can increase search engine results then you are wrong.  You need to ensure that you have relevant content that matches with your tags and categories for better optimization results.

More easily your readers find content in your website, more frequently they come to your site that increases traffic. They both are like made for each other.  You need to understand the difference between both and use them accordingly without matching to each other.

Can we assign multiple categories to one post?

You must have heard that multiple categories can hurt SEO. Many people say you get penalized for the same. But, in an actual scenario that is not the case. First of all, do not confuse content sorting with SEO. The main purpose of content sorting is to help users to find the content easily. By specifying top categories, you would be able to specify multiple sub-categories for further sorting of categories.

You will get nothing help for SEO but if you think multiple categories are helping your users then you can do it but if you think it is not giving anything then, in that case, you need to re-construct your categories again.

Never use same tags and categories. Categories and tags should be different. If you are highly concerned with a duplicate penalty then for that you can use WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. For quality SEO services, you can get in touch with Houston SEO.

Any limit to Tags

There is no limit to tags. WordPress is boundless for tags. You can assign as many tags as you want to assign to any post whether it is more than 1000. But, while defining tags always remember that it is just like an index of a book having so many sub-categories in it.

Usually, some common keywords are used in search engine results, frequently you can use those keywords as tags for the content. This helps your users to search your post easily if they are searching for that keyword in WordPress search. Use only that much tags for content that you can easily justify. Otherwise, that will create a bad impression on your users.

Are tags are similar to Meta keywords

Usually, people make a mistake by considering Meta keywords and tags. This is the main reason of their adding too many tags for content. Meta keywords and tags are not same in general. If you have WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin then only they can be same. Otherwise, they are not similar.

For whom have you designed the website?

The website that you have designed is for the users, not for search engine bots. Search engine algorithm is written in such a way that it will get the idea about users search for any content. If you make anything more usable, readable by your user, you will find that you are going opposite to that of SEO.

The advance site uses custom taxonomies for sorting categories and tags along with content. While writing categories and tags always keep the structure of book index in the mind, that will help you in categorized better. If you have analyzed that through tags you are getting more traffic, you can include those tags to your subcategories. Categories and tags are like faces of a coin; you can not go far by ignoring anyone.