Enhance Your SEO Game by Investing in Active Instagram Promotion

Being an enterprising entrepreneur of an online business, you will probably go to any lengths to ensure your organization stands out in the marketplace. This is the reason why you keep an open mind when it comes to formulating and executing an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy within your organization’s overall marketing policy. After all, you want your business website to attract relevant online traffic so that you can generate adequate revenues from sales you make to the members of your target audience. You need to remember that when search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing allocate ranks to various business websites, their technical professionals look into some critical factors. These include domain age, proper keyword incursion, social shares and the relevant authority of prominent social media networking user accounts. The explosion in the popularity of social media networking in recent decades has made the last two factors even more essential.

How can social media influence your organization’s SEO strategy?

The reason why prominent search engines like Google give so much importance to social media networking is not very difficult for you to understand. Research shows approximately 2.5 billion people around the world are active on various popular social media networking sites. Experts say it may not come to a surprise to them if such statistics indicate another one million new users pop up on this list every year. The vast majority of these potential customers rely on this digital media to help them decide what purchases to make, interact with people who supply with the products they need and get the recent news. This is a huge market for ambitious entrepreneurs to exploit in their bid to gain the competitive edge over their rivals.

Why is Instagram so important to your overall SEO strategy?

In recent years, the immense popularity of Instagram is giving other prominent social media networking sites a run for their money. Research in this field indicates that almost 40% of social media users falling in the age group of 18 to 32 years consider Instagram to one of the most favorite social media networking platforms. However, this is not the only reason why this site generates tremendous online traffic every year. The proficient technical professionals in charge of operating this platform effectively go out of their way to make it more user-friendly for the public. The introduction of an ‘ iOS extension’ is an example of this trend. With this feature, it is possible for social media users to share pictures, photos, and videos with other people on their smartphones.

Tips on how to use Instagram to enhance the online visibility of your business website

These specialists point out the following four essential tips you need to adapt your search engine optimization strategy to improve the online visibility of business website using Instagram:

1. Create an account on this social media networking site to generate awareness

Many entrepreneurs owning small business establishment do not fully understand the potential of Instagram when it comes to enhancing the online visibility of their business website. You need to understand that regardless of what brand products your organization deals or the type of industry it specializes in, it is prudent on your part to open an Instagram account. You can easily use this social media platform to generate necessary awareness among the members of your target audience who are ardent followers for Instagram.

2. Make it a point to post relevant photos frequently

As in other prominent social media networking platforms, you need to make it a point to interact with the members of the target audience by sharing relevant photos, pictures, and videos. However, you should not go to the extent of spamming or annoying them. This may just turn out to be counter-productive in the long-run. To strike a proper balance, it is prudent on your part to post at least one relevant photo of the brand your organization deals with your Instagram account for your potential customers.

3. Hold contest using this social media networking platform

Instagram is the ideal platform to hold entertaining contests for the members of your target audience who show interest in your brand products. Such tournaments give them the opportunity to share their ‘likes’ and ‘mentions’. This can act as a catalyst in boosting your organization’s search engine optimization efforts. However, you can only succeed in this endeavor when you have a relevant strategy in place, choose the right theme and adopt a suitable hashtag.

4. Engage actively with members of your target audience

You need to realize that having a presence of Instagram is enough if you want to generate relevant online traffic to your business website using this social media platform. You need to come up with ways to effectively interact with the members of your target audience who are active in this digital media. Research show organizations who do not make an effort to engage their customers on various social media networking platforms including Instagram lose out to their competitors. This is the reason why you need to come up with effective ways to engage with your target audience using your organization’s Instagram profile.

You cannot ignore of influence social media has when it comes to framing and implementing an effective search engine optimization strategy to boost the online visibility of your business website. It can help your organization be in a better position to face the formidable challenges that lie ahead in today’s marketplace. There is no doubt there are many prominent social media networking sites like Facebook, which you can use as an effective marketing tool. However, none of them can match the versatility and popularity of Instagram.  This is the reason why you need to exploit it to expand your existing client base and generate brand awareness among the members of your target audience in the marketplace. The above four essential steps can help you in this regard as you endeavor to improve your websites ranking on various prominent search engines.


This is an article by Walter Moore. He is an experienced digital marketer and a blogger. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing.

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