How To Easily Incorporate Sliders In Your Web Design

Carousels or content sliders are homepage design elements used to present content in space that is normally very limited. They are frequently used in modern web design, as they allow website owners to display their all sorts of content and information in a considerably small footprint. They are extremely easy to set up and customize and have the capabilities to promote different business goals using a single site element. Here are some tips regarding how and when you should incorporate sliders in your web design practices.

Slideshow galleries

The simplest and most effective way to use sliders on your website is to create a slideshow gallery. Whether you are presenting a new product, promoting your company’s message or simply featuring your most valuable employees, photo galleries are an ideal way to communicate about your specific brand. Slideshow galleries use slide motion to generate a sense of action and keep users alert and engaged. An excellent advice for keeping the content inside your slideshow gallery fresh and interesting is to regularly update the visuals that follow the sliding motion and use holiday-specific animations to further entice your visitors.

New content highlights

What most website owners fail to realize, or realize but fail to implement in their website’s design is the fact that sliders are an ideal tool for websites which get regularly updated. If you are the type of person that visits online news outlets on a daily basis, you might have noticed that they use sliders to display new and urgent information. Another example of using sliders to display new content are the homepages of television networks, which rely heavily on carousels to showcase new and popular TV shows, as well as their individual episodes.

Product and service tours

Large quantities of information have the tendency to overwhelm visitors, particularly when that information is presented as a big chunk of text. If you break the information down into manageable, easy-to-digest chunks, your visitors are less likely to become distracted and lose interest. Fortunately, you can use sliders to present all the information sequentially and ensure your visitors are presented with the best possible user-experience. Most businesses use sliders to explain how a particular product or a service is used and to highlight individual features and useful benefits.


The vast majority of e-commerce owners use carousels and sliders to showcase their new products. Whether it’s showcasing a select few, top-of-the-line products, displaying the full product range or simply highlighting the latest additions, sliders are a vital part of any e-commerce website. The majority of e-commerce websites actually use more than one slider per page, in order to highlight both old and new products. Sliders are an excellent way for e-commerce owners to communicate their particular product aesthetic effectively, without the need for additional information fields.

Online portfolios

Sliders are generally used to showcase visual content. As such, they have become the go-to solution for making online portfolios for artists, photographers, graphic designers and even web developers. Again, this has a lot to do with the slider’s ability to display literally any type of work creatively to prospective clients. Although you might think that the average slider can only show pictures and text, you are actually neglecting one very important aspect, and that is the slider animation. This is yet another way for animators and designers to think outside of the box and let their work speak for itself.

Keep it simple and legible

Make sure that each and every one of your slides is not only legible and concise but also designed to fall in line with the overall graphic look and feel of your website. Legibility is particularly important when showcasing slides that contain a lot of text. Use large enough font to ensure that your text is readable and use contrast and color schemes which make the text stand out from the rest of the graphic. Many reliable web design agencies recommend turning the autoplay feature off. This allows readers to take as much time they need to read the text at their own, individual pace.

Final Words

These are just some of the most useful ways you can incorporate sliders into your website’s design. They are a simple, yet powerful tool used to showcase content, consolidate different media types, highlight a particular piece of content or tell a story about your company. When used properly, sliders provide a good user experience, increase user engagement and aids in converting visitors into paying customers. Additionally, a well-placed slider saves a lot of page space, which is particularly useful when dealing with the usability of media-rich pages. Whether it is for product promotion, service information or displaying work achievements, sliders are and will continue to be an integral part of modern web design practices.