What Is Domain Locking And How To Use It Correctly?

What Is Domain Locking And How To Use It Correctly?

The address that leads to your website is the domain name. This works similarly like an address of a house. When the domain name is better and simpler it helps the visitor to remember it and find the website very easily. Selecting a proper domain name is not that easy as the idea roams around various possible options.

Domain Locking

Choosing a great domain name

  • Keep the name simple so that it can be easy to type. Keep the spelling normal so that the domain can be found easily.
  • The too lengthy domain is very risky as the visitor might commit typing error. Short and simple name eradicates this problem.
  • Set some keywords in the domain name so that they can define the genre of the website and business.
  • Avoid special characters and numbers that can be misspelled or forgotten.
  • Do a good research and make the name catchy so that it can be easily remembered. Also, use a proper extension that is relevant to the purpose of the website.

Necessity of domain locking

After a great effort when a nice domain name is chosen it must be protected and locked. The name must be registered which is considered to be the first step towards building a proper web presence. While signing up for a hosting account the option for domain name emerges. If any name is not in your mind it can be done later. If you have multiple domain names you can merge them too. Holding more than one domain names can be confusing which requires proper management via versatile software.

How to use domain locking properly?

The platform that enables a user to manage the domain names becomes very important when the number of the domains is handful. The platform simplifies the entire process as all the domains can be seen at one place and every name’s status is displayed so that you can stay updated and know what next has to be done.

The platform, on the other hand, enables you to configure the options, edit information related to the domains and add different services.  The locking of the names has its own benefits.

  • Prohibition of modification of the name. In fact, the domain name cannot be transferred or deleted by any alien body.
  • No one can tamper or change the contact details related to the domain name.

The use of the domain locking platform has the following added features.

1. Fortify the existing domains

The platforms allow a user to integrate all the domain names registered in a single base. This can be done for those domain names that are registered somewhere else and can be managed all along. The transferred domains can be managed properly and will not be lost due to non-renewal.

2. Managing the names

The platforms also allow a user to update the administration and contact information for every domain. The user can lock or unlock the domain names anytime he or she wants with the features of the platform. In fact, multiple updating of information for more than one domain is also possible.

The domains are secured first so that no vandalism of hijacking occurs on the names. It is locked so that the names do not get transferred to an unknown different registrar unless the present owner allows it by unlocking them. The server names will not change and you will not suffer from unwanted renewals. The domains privacy will be properly maintained by keeping away spam.

Let us take an example of iPage DomainCentral

  • Use your ID to log in to the iPage Control Panel
  • Check in Domain Central
  • The list of your domain names will come and you have to check the boxes beside each domain that need(s) any modification.
  • Select the ‘Modify Selected Domains’ option.