Developing Business Websites with WordPress Open Source Framework

Developing Business Websites with WordPress Open Source Framework

Online based businesses are getting popular these days, and prime reason behind that is nothing but the global acceptability of online-based businesses. As the days are progressing, buyers are leaning towards online-based trading with greater interests. As a result, even small traders are venturing online with an e-commerce platform to penetrate the global market potentials. To clinch the minds of online buyers, the website has to be appealing and should be perfect from a few aspects. With an effort to obtain an excellent e-commerce website, business owners are now trending towards CMS based website development.

If you are not well versed to the term ‘CMS or Content Management System,’ then here is a guide for you. The term Content Management System or CMS has been referred as an open source system, which can be used for building seamless websites. CMS websites look more professional than general sites. Furthermore, CMS websites have various advantages over general sites and here are some of those benefits:

  • Professional Layout for Website: CMS based websites look professional, mainly due to the proper layout. The interface of the site looks friendly for the visitors, and that is why target group of audiences gain interests over visiting your website.
  • Easy Content Management: CMS websites provide useful content management. Web owners do not have to be versed in technical web languages, like HTML, PHP, ASP, etc. Web owners can modify, delete or edit their contents anytime, following just a few simple steps.
  • Database Driven: CMS platforms provide better web database management facility. As CMS platforms are database driven, web data remains organized as well as secured.
  • Themes and Designs: Different CMS platforms offer different notable themes, designing elements so that the web interface looks unique as well as interesting. Themes can be customized as per web owners’ wishes.
  • Cost-effective: CMS platforms are cost-effective, especially if you need to manage a website that has several pages.
  • SEO-Friendly: CMS based platforms are SEO-friendly. It also allows seamless social media integration with several widgets, add-ons, and plug-ins.

Popular CMS Web Platforms

So, we have learned the benefits of CMS based website development and now, let us figure out some of the popular CMS platforms. Based on these platforms, plenty of websites have been developed successfully, and performance of those sites is more than satisfying.

  • WordPress: WordPress is probably the primary and the most popular CMS platform. It is easy to use, feature plenty of theme, add-ons, etc.
  • Joomla: Joomla is used for developing professional websites. It has been widely used for developing high-class e-commerce stores. The benefit of Joomla is that is secured, robust and simple to be employed.
  • Drupal: Along WordPress and Joomla, another CMS web platform has often been named by the web developers, and that is Drupal. It is equally popular as well as effective.
  • OsCommerce: For e-commerce web development, especially e-commerce shopping store development, OsCommerce has been used widely as well as successfully. It allows, the creation of seamless shopping store, product gallery, shopping carts and secure payment gateways.

Plenty of other CMS platforms are there, which are equally useful and efficient for web development. According to the motto of building websites, e-commerce platforms are chosen.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Web Development

As discussed, there are a lot of open sources website development platforms, and WordPress is one among them. This CMS platform comes with many useful benefits or advantages in the offering. This is why it has been used quite extensively for building seamless as well as professional websites for website development. It comes with an impressive range of features as well as options. It gives convenience in the process of website development as it is noted as a highly user-friendly platform to develop websites.

For website development, certain things are required to be taken into consideration. The most important aspect is choosing the right open source CMS platform. WordPress is the platform for you in this regard. It comes with wide range of options as well as features. It gives complete convenience in the process of developing a website for a lending service. It has different varieties of themes for various businesses. If your company belongs to lending or financial management or financial consultancy sector, you need to be careful enough. In the following section, the benefits of WordPress as an open source web development platform have been discussed.

WordPress Is Flexible

WordPress comes with many benefits in the offering, and thus it is known as one of the leading platforms for effective financial management. Flexibility is the key aspect of WordPress, as this platform helps you to have a website that you exactly need. As per your business domain, you can customize the themes of the site. You can add widgets as per requirements. You can only use some plug-ins to add some unique features on your website. For example, if your site features products, you need to add comment or review section on the product pages. Buyers can leave reviews after purchasing products. This helps to earn more authenticity from the potential customers. At the same time, your website turns better regarding usability. To add review section, you can only add a plug-in, and that would help to serve your purpose.

Cost-effectiveness of WordPress

When it comes to using WordPress for developing business websites, cost-effectiveness has been regarded as the most important factor. If your business website development process is not cost-effective, it may get difficult for you especially if you are running a small business initiative. You can reduce business expenses with certain methods. For that, step by step process is required to be followed for installing WordPress. This open source framework is highly cost-effective and simple as well as convenient to be used. Using this WordPress, open source framework is always recommended from the experts.