Crucial SEO Strategies You Should Never Ignore When Trying to Improve Ranking

Crucial SEO Strategies You Should Never Ignore When Trying to Improve Ranking

You might know what SEO is and how you can use it to boost the rankings of your website, but what you should also know is that there are certain techniques and strategies which you can use to apply SEO more efficiently to get even higher rankings efficiently. In this article, you shall learn about specific SEO strategies which you need to implement at the earliest.

1. Markup the Schema

Google’s aims are to give users accurate search results and Google accomplishes this with its unique algorithm to show the most pertinent and accessible websites that relate to the search query. You can use schema markup codes to help Google locate and comprehend the specificity of the information that is on your site. Schema helps in organizing data in your website and will give Google a guide map for your content. With Schema you can classify different contents in your website like your office address, information about products, reviews, FAQs, et cetera. Thus Google will know exactly what your site is about and will help it stand out during search results.


Lately, Google has started displaying warnings for non-secured (HTTP) web pages. When people see warnings like these come from Google, they will panic in general and quickly close your site. Many business owners do not secure their site out of fear; they mistakenly feel that getting an SSL certificate will make your site secure. Making your site secure means more than just mere certification, it is a more significant process that includes a lot of technicality, patience, time and preparation. These are some of the things you should know when you shift from HTTP site to HTTPS:

  • The pattern of the database will change: Database entries with the string “HTTP://” should change to “https://”.
  • CSS/PHP hard-codes patterns of HTTP://: Codes with CSS files and PHP files may at times hard-code HTTP:// strings and are not the variables that represent transfer protocols. You will have to edit and upload them manually back on the server for the proper functioning of the site.
  • Mod-rewrite of .htaccess: The .htaccess file has instructions written which will guide the server in handling URL strings.
  • Server config and your WordPress config need to be changed: You have to log into the host domain and change the IP address of your website and ensure that your server has been appropriately configured for this change. Modify any settings that may be required in WordPress.
  • Domain propagation or resource monitoring: You need to check that the domain becomes live and propagates (in around 48 hours). You will verify that the resources of the website (images and links) reflect the changes after switching to https:// protocol. Files failing to reflect this change will give errors.

Although it might seem daunting to switch into HTTPS, warning signs will be shown by Google to searchers, and casual searchers will consequently leave these sites. Thus you see that HTTPS is a necessity in today’s world.

3. Utilize Google+

You should be active on Google+. Do not ignore Google+, which is Google’s platform for social media. While Google+ might not be a popular social-media platform but it does prove the most satisfaction to its subscribers. Posts on Google+ have unique URLs which show up in search results on Google. Thus with rich-keyword posts uploaded in a Google+ account, your rankings in Google searches will significantly improve. Google+ also can help local businesses get more attention through the Local Carousel which is present in Google search results under the Local tab. Thus you can boost the visits to your website by merely sharing more content on the platform of Google+.

4. Voice search

Voice search is becoming more popular with personal assistants like Cortana and Siri becoming so accessible. You need to optimise the contents of your website accordingly so that they can be available when customers put their queries through voice questions. You will need to learn about voice search optimisation.

5. Bing

Just like Google, Bing is also a favorite search engine although not as much as Google. But it has around 25% market share, and you must not ignore the potential that this offers. So you must also try to optimise your website so that it becomes more accessible for people who use Bing, as well.

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There are various tips, techniques, and strategies and ways by which you can boost the rankings of your website’s search results in Google. But you must be wise in choosing which ones work for you best, before deciding on any one of them in particular. So do not wait, do SEO your website now.