Blogging for Business: Useful Tips To Make a Good Start

In this day and age, everyone knows what a blog is, but business blogging is a little bit different. What makes a blog a successful business blog? These tips and tools will help you create your own.

Tools that make blogging easier

Blogging is not just you with a Word document or browser, writing words on the internet. There are a plethora of tools out there that you can put to good use.

The best online tools are those which allow you to hire qualified editors to write and edit your content for you. They are a great way of finding a good writer quickly and getting the expertise you need.

business blogging

If you need an editor, the best online tools out there are Upwork, UK Writings, Freelancer, and Scripted. You can put up ads looking for editors and then search through the applicants until you find the right one for you. If you need help editing your own blogs, there are lots of tools online for that, too. Australian Help and Easy Word Count are great for catching grammar and spelling mistakes before you publish.

Tips for writing your business blog

To get your content and tone just right, try out these tips when you are writing.

Make it personal for you

If you have read any lifestyle blogs, you will have seen that bloggers make their work very personal. They often bring in details of their everyday lives, such as their friends and family, in order to get closer to their readers. While you do not need to go that far, it does not hurt to show your readers that you are a real person. Be real with them, and share what matters to you.

Write regularly

There are many bloggers out there who write every day. You do not have to be that prolific, but you do need to write regularly. Keeping your blog content updated means that it will show up more consistently in your search results. Also, your readers will keep coming back for more if they know you are always updating.

Be honest in what you write

Have you ever read a blog and thought that what the writer is saying about a brand is too practiced to be credible? They could well be endorsed by a company and do not disclose the fact. It is a sure fire way to turn your readers off. Instead, be honest that you are affiliated with a particular company. Readers are actually more likely to listen to what you have to say and appreciate your honesty.

Stay focused on your topic

Back in the early days of blogging, you could write about whatever you wanted and it would be read by people, just because the blog was there. Nowadays, you need to stay focused. Pick a niche for your blog, and base all of your posts around it. You are going to get a more specialized readership that way, readers who are much more likely to buy from you.

Pick your platform

blog platforms

Before you start writing, you are going to need to pick a platform to build your blog on. There is plenty of platforms out there, and it is rather overwhelming to choose one. Do your research before you decide. Whichever one you choose, they are often very simple to use and get used to. If you decide later on that you are not happy with it, it is possible to change your blog to another platform.

Do not be too rigid in your presentation

If you have ever written for print, you know that you have to stick to fixed lengths, or the piece you have written will not fit onto the page. With blogging, you have a lot more freedom. It is a good idea to keep yourself to a baseline word count, but sometimes you just need to expand on what you are talking about. Do not be afraid to do that if the need arises.

Decide on your look and feel

There is a lot of business blogs out there that look pretty stark, just black text on a white background. Others are carefully designed, using editing tools to give their blog the look and feel of a magazine page. Whichever way you want to go is fine, but think about which one will suit your content best. Also, remember that you do not want to draw attention away from your words with flashy graphics or other distractions.

Remember to proofread


Ever found errors in someone’s writing online? You know that finding technical issues with the writing drags you away from the message that they were trying to convey. If you want readers to really take in what you are saying, you will need to proofread your work before you put it up online. The fewer mistakes you make, the better you will look on the page.

Keep the energy up

There are lots of bloggers who have given up on the writing business because they just were not able to keep up. If you are blogging, it is not the only thing you do. You have to hold down your job, look after your family, deal with daily responsibilities… the list goes on. Be invested in your blog, but make sure you do not burn out.
Business blogging looks like a science that you have to get exactly right, but that is not the case. Every business blogger is different and has something different to say. Use these tools and tips to keep yourself on track, and keep the readers coming in and soon you will see the improvement coming your way in the results.