What is The Best Way to Combine the Powers of SEO and WordPress?

What is The Best Way to Combine the Powers of SEO and WordPress?

The question “is WordPress helpful in SEO?” can be added to the list of million dollar questions.  No one can judge whether WordPress is helpful in SEO or not.  It depends on the person using both the technologies.  The technologies used in both WordPress and SEO are entirely different.  WordPress is a CMS which works on Internet-based systems and SEO is the management or optimization of search engines though even it works on the internet platform.

How search engines enlist the sites?

When a search item is inputted into the internet browser, the search engines enlist all the relevant websites which consist of the information related to the keyword.  A search engine ranks the sites typically based on some visits it has,  the number of visits, the top rank it has.  Managing this ranking system is search engine optimization.  It seems that every website is thoroughly checked for its authenticity and then ranked accordingly as per its content and usage.  That is the mechanism of SEO.  No matter SEO is done in UK, USA or Oslo; the mechanism remains the same.

Process of SEO working

SEO works on the algorithms which help in rankings.  Some of the factors influencing the rankings are website density, content, Meta tags and inbound links. A simple logic applies here.  A website is repeatedly viewed only when the content given on the website is relevant and exciting.  Managing content is toughest and equally a tricky job.  Just writing something is not enough.  To be on the top, you have to give some relevant and original information. An excellent presentation of your content will be highly appreciable.  Being a continuous process, writing content repeatedly is a little bit challenging.  It is here, the WordPress application plays a prominent role.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS which helps users in the creation of a website on their own. WordPress is a free application which also helps in content management.  WordPress is not only for beginners but also for professionals.  WordPress is a universal and popular application which gives step by step guide to the user and guides the user in mastering the creation of websites and contents.  The credit has to be given to its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little who have innovated this application.

Let us now discuss features of this fantastic application:

Easy installation

WordPress is very easy to install on any internet based operating systems.

Easy utilization

WordPress is designed in such a way that it is very easy to operate.  It helps in creating a website. The web pages can be added or modified. Even the images or blogs can be added to the web page if required.  WordPress is so helpful that a person using it does not need to have a thorough knowledge of PHP or HTML.  The user has to select the plugin or template to install the application.

Content management

Organization of the content is essential.  WordPress helps in this job.  It helps the users in adding the data, modifying it or deleting the irrelevant data and presents their content on the website.  Many users then view the content.  The process is continuous.

No charges for usage: WordPress is free for usage.  Being free, many users opt to use it.  It is the best application which can be used ‘n’ number of times without any restriction.


 WordPress gives its users the access to create a website, blogs with content and blogs with images, etc., In fact, WordPress is very flexible, and it depends on the users how well he uses this application. With SEO Oslo, one can expect to get the latest SEO services.

Complies with W3C standards

WordPress is designed in such a way that it follows the world broad web standards and anyone using this is out of danger from a legal aspect.


The plugins offered by WordPress is the main attraction.  The number of plugins offered by WordPress attracts many users and tempts them in using this application.  Each plugin offered in WordPress has a unique importance.


One need not design separate templates as WordPress provides all the graphics templates which once used can change the look of your presentation.


The popularity of WordPress has spread worldwide.  So the necessity of its operation in all languages has become essential.  Keeping this in mind, WordPress is available in 50 languages other than default language English.

Lowers cost

WordPress facilitate its users with pre-written plugins which can be made use of to reduce the cost incurred on contents writing.

Better communication

WordPress facilitates its users by providing two-way communication. The writer can write on the blog, and the reader can give feedback.  This Two-way communication helps in improving the ranking of the website.

Well, to conclude, I would say that WordPress is helpful in the SEO operations.