The best tips to build links when you do not have much time

The best tips to build links when you do not have much time

Creating high quality content for a website or a blog requires wasting a lot of time and effort, but if no one sees them, the content is no longer meaningful. Link building is a very important thing to increase the accessibility with the Website’s Internet users in general and bloggers in particular. This article will show you the way to build link even when you do not have much time.

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1. Giving priority to the quality content


The simplest way to get quality links to your site is creating quality content. If the content is not useful, people will not share it. Creating quality content can increase opportunities for you to get links from social networks, which are natural links.

You should prioritize quality over quantity when creating content on your website.

Publishing a quality article every week will really give you better results than publishing many articles with low quality and without prominence. Quality content is the foundation of link building, so let’s focus on the topics that your target readers interested in.

2. Using eye-catching images

An article with too many words and without the illustrations and attractive graphics can lead to tedium. Adding some impressive images to your article can draw attention of visitors because it can be a way to attract links without much effort. If you are a reader, who skims over an article having a lot of nice images, then the rate that you click on that article is much higher. This also is a secret for you to increase the CTR rate when you share on social network.

Obviously, using images can make your article easier to be shared. Even when they are just Nofollow link, they still have their own value.

3. Writing the title in an artistic way


In the content of an article, the title plays a very vital role. It is not only for your visitors but also affects to the CTR rate ( click-through-rate) when they find you somewhere. The nice title will help you drawing attention of more people, then there will be more readers and the higher proportion of sharing as well as chances of getting links will be more.

4. Linking to those who have influence

Why should you link to those who have influence?

Firstly, that is the reciprocity. When you give others value, they will tend to do the same thing with you. If you mention the other bloggers, they will also mention you in their articles.

Secondly, when you mention other bloggers, usually you will place links to their blog on your site. These bloggers will notice that the visits can be increased thanks to this. They will return to your blog and place links to your blog like you had done for them.

Notice to the blogger is mentioned




The busy bloggers probably will not check all the backlinks to know who had mentioned them. The greater their popularity is, the fewer chances you are known by them. It is better for you to notice them via emails or social network that you had mentioned them on your blog articles. Although, the influenced bloggers will received a lot of spams everyday, they will not find it troubling when they are mentioned.

5. Spending time on connecting


Connecting is the thing you should do and prioritize even when you do not have much time. Most of successful bloggers are very good at communicating. Connecting can help you to attract many links. You should spend time everyday on connecting to others in the same fields via emails or social network. In addition, leave your address on social network in order that people can connect to you when they need.

6. Using Guest Post

Guest Post is considered as a strategic action for each blogger. Using Guest Post can brings many benefits such as increasing awareness about personal brand, create good backlink for your blog…