The Best Applications To Learn Gardening And Orchard

The Best Applications To Learn Gardening And Orchard

The best applications for learn gardening and garden for 2017 that help to Plant care, Garden decoration, Plants for decorating in your home & surroundings. Please Share

Hello friends, lovers of the indisputable art of gardening, as we know that practices in gardening take many hours of dedication but above all good ideas to help us have the garden of our dreams, we have prepared a very useful list of the best applications you can find both in the Google store and in the app store.

Let’s start with these Top best applications for gardening and garden Android apps.

Moon & Premium Garden

best applications for learn gardening and garden

A payment application and therefore no advertising, with Luna & Garden, you have the option to improve the results in relation to gardening by using, of course, the influence of the moon as indicated by its name. It does not matter if you are an amateur gardener, professional, or you simply take this passion for moments, with this application you will be able to verify which day is the most suitable for the gardening activities guiding you by the lunar calendar that comes included in the app and that without doubts of great results. For every gardening job such as planting, transplanting, harvesting, you have the option of looking at the most suitable days and even the different types or parts of the plant that has to be shown on specific dates for a suitable growth.

With Moon & Garden, you can also see the phases of the moon for each day of the calendar, take photos of your garden, add notes, add alarm and also check the time to grow your garden in the best conditions. It is definitely a very good option for which it is worth paying.

Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden

An application that allows you to establish garden designs indoors or outdoors, with your 3D system you can have a better panorama of the actual view of your design. Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden, which is simple to use is intuitive and very complete, has been consolidated as the number 1 in Android, with more than 20 million downloads worldwide.

Waterbot: Watering plants

Waterbot is a free application very useful for those who have many plants because it reminds you when you need to water them. If you are one of those who has a bad memory and you have always forgotten to water the plants at the right time, this application is for you. Waterbot will help you never to lose one of your plants. You will be able to control each one of them and will notify you when they need attention. All this you can do from your phone receiving notifications of when your plant requires water, and they are fully customizable.

Since you can create intervals of irrigation from a half or a day to twenty days. It also allows you to create avatars or take photos of your plants, so you can have better control and also you can mark the plant as “watered” when you have already done. In short it is the ideal choice for all those who do not have a good memory and of course, you find it in the app store.

Orchard – Garden

Application for experienced gardeners or people who are simply amateurs and who wish to keep track of the planting and harvesting activities of their orchard. It allows you to enter your plants with photos and put alarms of irrigation, pruning, transplanting, fertilizer, etc. and of course it is totally free.

Your Home Garden

This is an ideal application for those who want to plant their garden at home and regardless of whether they know something about gardening or not. You can start from scratch and together with this application, you will have the opportunity to grow as a farmer taking advantage of all the resources you have on hand, whether on your own terrace, patio, or on some land. In this application, you will find a list of plants that are arranged alphabetically for best use. In each tab, you can see how to sow, how to irrigate water, what light needs light, each of your plants. It is a free application that will serve you very much.

Best Landscape Designs

This app contains a number of impressive galleries that will surprise you with their ideas, designs, and decorations. If you need ideas on how to fix your garden, this application can help you because it contains different types of gardening ideas, designs, and decoration of areas such as the backyard, front yard, waterfall, swimming pools, flower arrangements, among others. In fact, you can make use of the images that are presented in the application to have them as a screensaver.

Garden design

A completely free application that is also one of the best rated in the Play Store. With it, you can make a design of your gardens according to the season and that way it is easier to have a preview of any work before starting with that project. You can rearrange your garden as you wish, or make the changes you need before putting it into practice.

Flower Garden Ideas

Looking for ideas for a flower garden? You should then download this application where it will be possible to get ideas for the perfect combination of plants of different heights, colors, textures, and fragrances. You can have a perfect garden, try to choose correctly each of the options that are presented.

DIY Garden Ideas

This app offers dozens of great ideas to create your outdoor garden and you can recreate it as you prefer. No matter if you need a good garden or an ornamental garden, in this application, you will find some valuable ideas. The application is very easy to use and you can share with your friends what you consider to be the best options.

We hope that these best applications for learning gardening and garden have been to your liking since you know that you can give us a thumb up and of course, help us to share it with your friends.