Avoid shortcuts and build an authoritative website for your business to earn quality backlinks

Avoid shortcuts and build an authoritative website for your business to earn quality backlinks

Any business would need SEO to drive more traffic to sites. You have to create the right SEO strategies and implement it correctly to enjoy the type of results you want. The strategies revolve around increasing the visibility of the website and driving more traffic to it. For driving more traffic, you have the option of depending on organic traffic as well as paid traffic. Organic traffic refers to the type of traffic that generates through a natural process of searching the internet that depends on search engines. Paid traffic emanates from advertisements used to publicize your product, brand, and business on the internet by availing the services of Google AdWords. You can try it out with Vision Smash Advertising.g

Although Google accepts the method of garnering attention and driving more traffic by using advertisements on the internet, it encourages organic methods of driving traffic to websites much more over advertising. Moreover, doing it organically is much more economical as you do not have to spend on advertisements. Thus, it becomes evident that it is better to pay more attention to organic methods of driving traffic among which link building holds the center stage. Link building had and remains central to any successful SEO. Although there are many other methods for driving traffic organically, link building is the only method that has remained unaffected by the evolution of SEO, holding its importance like never before.  In this article, we will discuss how you could stay on the path of building links ethically to create a healthy SEO campaign that pays back well.

Keep off from unfair practices

The most important learning in SEO is to follow the best practices that entail towing Google guidelines without any compromise.  Trying to cut corners for some quick gains can put you in trouble as Google comes down heavily of those who try to outsmart the system.

  • Paying for earning links could sink your SEO and never think about it.
  • Avoid commenting unnecessarily on blogs and forums with the intention of gaining links because even if you acquire links, it would carry little or no value and does not help your cause. Such practices amount to spam commenting that Google dislikes. Only links of good quality and authority can pay back well.
  • Guest blogging is good, but you must avoid the lure of creating low-quality content and spreading it around through articles submission sites. Google hates low-quality content, and on being hit by Google updates like Panda and Penguin, it could damage the SEO prospects.
  • Keep away from seeking links through directory submissions as Google looks upon it as spamming. Although there might be some useful directories, act with caution before taking the plunge.
  • Similarly, trying to be smart by embedding links in infographics with the hope that it would go across to people who take an interest in the infographics is also not a good practice.

Adopt the right tactics

Link building is hard work but not difficult if you give it time. Knowing the right tactics of doing it ensures that you would surely get the results that build up gradually.  When you acquire links organically from websites that have authority and relevance, your gain is much more than earning several low-quality links with little or no value.  Get going with content marketing and increase the outreach through better engagement that could bring you a steady stream of good quality links.

Create and spread quality content

With the target of providing value to customers and the target audience, create content that is of high quality, relevant and generates interest among viewers. Spread the content everywhere by using a suitable content distribution strategy. When others find the content useful and informative, they would automatically accept your authority on the subject and come forward to connect with you, thus providing links. The more consistently you can create quality content, higher are the prospects of earning more quality links.

Be a guest blogger

Take to guest blogging by publishing blogs on other quality websites that are relevant to your business niche. By building a relationship with other players in your niche, you can use their sites for demonstrating your authority. You can now reach out to a new audience who become interested in sending links. As you offer value to those websites, in return you earn good quality links.

Encourage sharing

By engaging closely with some relevant forums or community through the social media, you can encourage sharing the content that increases your outreach.  It would pave the way for earning more links as the sharing increases on its own.

Besides earning links, take care of broken links on your website as well as the target websites by fixing it so that it does not have any negative effect on link building campaign.