How AI Can Take WordPress to Next Level

How AI Can Take WordPress to Next Level

AI-based technologies are driving more businesses every day. Five years ago, AI and its applications existed, but they were poorly understood by most executives and freelancers. When you look at the state of AI today, you can see a wildly growing sector with numerous opportunities to implement state-of-the-art technologies. And WordPress is not an exception.

WordPress platform has always been the home for a zillion plugins and scripts to choose from. As of now, you can start using smarter, more advanced solutions for WordPress. Let’s take a closer look at some of the services!


Complete with WooCommerce support, this plugin supercharges your link lists and menus. You will get more contextual and dynamic organization on your website. According to the developers behind Aimojo, the constructs will increase the chance of visitor conversion.

Our take: Making WordPress websites more intuitive is definitely one of the uses of AI technologies. Hidden, yet sub-consciously recognizable patterns lurk deep in big groups of data. It is useful to apply artificial intelligence to analyze your pages, tags, and posts. The technological brain might uncover connections and patterns that would take you months to figure out.

Free live chat + 24/7 automated bot

Botego’s 24/7 automated customer service bot is trainable by answering frequently asked questions. As time progresses, the language processor driving the bot’s work will start to learn which questions are tied to particular keywords. The results can be a mixed bag because some questions might be so unique that the bot does not know what to do. In that case, the bot will forward the request to a live agent. If you have an especially small business, then the live agent will be you. Provided that you sleep during the night, a potential customer might go to waste because you are not ready to answer the redirected enquiry.

Our take: Automated bots are all the rage. WordPress platforms host a lot of businesses that need to communicate with their customers around the clock. Having a working, self-developing chatbot is a major asset in your customer service game. That said, these chatbots work the best when the more difficult questions can be answered by live chat agents. Otherwise, a host of sales leads could be turned away because the bot did not recognize the enquiry.


Through semantic content optimization and other AI-based technologies, this plugin works to improve your site’s SEO indicators. WordLift organizes your data, provides visualization methods, and recommends relevant content to your visitors. Among other clients, WordLift has been used by Greenpeace, Legambiente, and The American University in Cairo.

Our take: At first glance, you might think that there has been already a plugin for all these activities. And that is true. But this particular plugin is another application of machine learning and truly smart algorithms. These solutions will take you farther than old-fashioned, non-dynamic plugins. Still, it is always smart to test different semantic plugins to understand which ones are especially relevant and useful to use on your site.


Basically, Primal for WordPress gathers information from across the web and assembles this data as news, posts, and other links to all the individual pages on your website. A neat tool that is quite a bit more advanced when compared to traditional “You’ll like this too” plugins, a number of which are connected to affiliate networks.

Our take: When WordPress plugins similar to Primal develop even further, they become very powerful tools in creating highly relevant recommendations. Added value by third party links should not be underestimated. When an AI-powered real-time content delivery apps become linked to content promotion, the potential for increasing revenue may become surprisingly high. Even Primal is already working on some concepts to deliver this added value on the plugin.

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

Darwin Pricing that is based on geo-pricing strategies is enabled by cutting-edge machine learning technologies. Artificial neural structures are used for modeling price elasticity under different geographical locations. This particular plugin is integrating the Darwin Pricing with the undeniably popular WooCommerce store platform.

Our take: Darwin Pricing Integration is one of the most complex plugins and best examples of AI that is taking WordPress to the next level. The system of connections provided by Darwin Pricing is an important milestone in AI development for WordPress platform. The plugin integrates artificial neural networks, optimization algorithms, and robust A/B split testing. The future will definitely see more of similar connections being made between different services that will ultimately benefit both the businesses and final customers involved in the transactions.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

A malware scanner that scans your WordPress site to check JavaScript malware, phishing, unwanted Iframes, malicious external links, and so on. After every scan, you are able to get a detailed malware report. The plugin is on our list because it is AI-driven and provides a useful extra of checking your website’s blacklisting status.

Our take: Artificial intelligence scan engines are definitely on the rise. Malware scanning is just one of the possible uses for these technologies. In the future, we might see autonomous scanners combing your website for spelling errors, potential spots for bad user experience, and optimization opportunities for both ad and affiliate network usage.

What is next?

Multipotentialite is a term used for people that have potential to develop many skills. This word could be used to describe the role of AI in WordPress sites. There are multiple potentials spanning in more than a few directions: customer service, content curation, pricing, site scanning, and conversion management.

By using these plugins, you are directly influencing the market. If the WordPress plugin market sees the demand for AI-driven solutions, there will be more and more scripts and inventions to follow. Many important keywords have been noted in this article, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Past has shown that some trends wither quickly. 2017 has clearly shown that AI is not one of them.