How to advertise on Facebook - Facebook Ads?

How to advertise on Facebook - Facebook Ads?

If you have ever run a business or made money online, you must be no stranger to Facebook advertising, it is an effective marketing channel with moderate expenses. This article will summarize everything you need to know about Facebook Ad.

1. What is Facebook Ads?


Facebook Ad is an advertising service on Facebook¬†allowing advertisers to display information from organizations / individuals on the Facebook social network.¬†Unlike conventional advertising services, advertising on Facebook Ad is distributed automatically based on numerous criteria of gender, age, geographic areas, hobbies and ¬†Facebook retargeting…

More than 80% of major advertising companies in the US use Facebook Ad advertising to self-promotion. Businesses also began to see this social network as a favorable environment to implement market expansion campaigns thanks to many advantages that it provides which are mentioned below:

  • Easy to access to¬†target customers,¬†delimit objects correctly (region, gender, age… etc.). Therefore, it avoids clicks which are not¬†subjected to target customers.
  • Fast spreading: If there is someone leaving 1 Facebook Like or 1 Facebook comment on your fanpage, then it will attract his/her friends noticing your fanpage.
  • Highly Interacting: You can Like, comment, share and get feedback quickly.
  • You can create impressive Facebook Ad thanks to images, titles, notes on advertising templates which can be changed along the time.

Flexible and economical budget: You can limit the number of clicks per day or monthly amount

2. The most common type of Facebook Ad

  • Standards Ad:¬†Standards Ad appears on the right of Facebook page¬†under the random mechanism for¬†Website, Fanpage.
  • Suggested Page:¬†¬†With this kind, Fanpage will be suggested for Facebook users which helps increase”likes” rapidly. The ad’s position is in the middle of New Feed Facebook page.
  • Suggested Post:¬†The posts will be mentioned for Facebook users in order to promote the post on Fanpage page which also helps increase “likes” rapidly and appears in the middle¬†of New Feed Facebook page.

3. How to advertise on Facebook

Step 1: Setup Your Facebook Business Page


This is the first step to advertise on Facebook. If you already have a personal Facebook account, you can log in and create a page from there. Choosing an appropriate type of business page is very important because it best reflect your business.

Step 2: Identify Why You Are Advertising On Facebook

Before continuing moving, you should clearly identify the reason why you are advertising on Facebook. They could be:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website
  • Increase App Signups

If you can not surely understand the reason why, you can not decide the method how to do will be mentioned in step 3.

Step 3: Choose The Objective For Your Ad

It is time for you to start setting up your Facebook ad. After identifying what goal you need to implement with your Facebook Ad, you will need to decide which objects will help you to reach this goal. For example, if¬†If you want to send traffic to your recent blog post,¬†you need to choose the “Send People To Your Website” option.


Step 4: Choose Your Target Audience

You will make a big mistake if you ignore this vital step. With access to over 1.5 billion people worldwide, you will have to narrow down your target audience as much as possible.

You will have some different ways to narrow your target audience, consist of their geographical location, language, interests, behavior, job title, etc on the Audience Definition area.


You can also use Facebook’s Audience insight tool to narrow down your target audience more exactly (you can see below)


Step 5: Add Budget For Your Campaign

In this step, you have to decide about financial issue. You will need to tell Facebook how much money you are willing to spend and how quickly.

There will be 2 selections:

  • Daily Spend:¬†This tells Facebook how much money you are willing to spend each day.
  • Lifetime Spend:¬†This tells Facebook how much money you are willing to spend during the lifetime of the ad.

If you perform a small promotion like a new blog post or a sale, you should choose option Daily Spend. Otherwise, if you are creating a long-term campaign which can last for several weeks or months, then a lifetime budget is more appropriate for you.

Step 6: Design Your Facebook Ad


In this step, you can decide how your Facebook Ad will look by designing. Your Facebook Ad includes:

  1. A headline
  2. Up to five images
  3. Status update text
  4. Call-to-action button
  5. Link description

Step 7: Choose Placement


There will be several advertising placement option here:

  • Desktop News Feed
  • Desktop Right Column
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Audience Network
  • Bonus: Instagram

However, choosing all of the options may not a wise decision. You better focus on a few options.

Step 8: Review Your Ad

There will be thousands or millions of people will see this Ad. There is nothing worse than such many people will see an Ad with typos or placement options without optimization. Therefore, you should spend some minutes to review your ad.

Step 9: Place Your Order


You have successfully created a Facebook advertisement! However, you still see two options that Facebook offers: Create Similar Ad or Continue. 

You can choose ” Create Similar Ad” in the case you¬†do not want to create any additional ad¬†within this ad set. On the other hand, if you want to create another ad that will target the same audience you can quickly do so by clicking “Create Similar Ad.

Step 10: Monitor Ad in Ad Manager


After some days, weeks, even months you should consistently check in to see how your Ad are performing by a Facebook analysis tool which is free. It is  Ad Manager. By providing metrics, Ad Manager can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your ad. Below are some key metrics you should consider:

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC)
  2. Frequency
  3. Reach
  4. Click-Through Rate
  5. Impressions

This article has helped you see the key issues related to Facebook Ad such as: the Facebook Ad definition, the most common types of Facebook Ad as well as step-by-step process to advertise on Facebook. If you can use it effectively, you will see the amazing result someday.