9 wonderful benefits of using Facebook Fanpage in developing business

9 wonderful benefits of using Facebook Fanpage in developing business

Nowadays, the number of people using Facebook keeps growing and growing dramatically indicating that Facebook is gradually becoming an indispensable part in human life. Facebook provides us information, create a favorable environment for your trade and business, a tonic helps relieve stress after tiring working hours.

Beside personal page, you can create a Fanpage according to your desire. The number of Facebook Fanpage also increases tremendously in order to meet the needs of people, especially for people doing business or those who want to be famous.

This article will help you to have a deeper understanding of Facebook Fanpage. What is Facebook Fanpage and what are their benefits?

What is Facebook Fanpage?



To put it simply, Facebook Fanpage is the same as Facebook account but named after enterprise. Here, Fanpage is not the same as normal friends with its fans but it just posts information of the enterprise such as: images, videos, products, attractive status to have a lot of followers. Thereby, this can increase brand awareness of enterprise or can directly sell on Facebook Fanpage.

Beside promoting images and selling, Fanpage also is a place for Enterprise to organize and announce events in order to invite members who are fans to join in.

Fanpage even is used by an individual or a famous person who wants to connect to community and post high-quality articles which have a high spread so as to attract fans via a certain common topic. This article will only mention to Fanpage at business perspective.

Above are 10 benefits of using Facebook Fanpage in developing business:

1. Operate similar to an e-commerce website


Fanpage can provide enough information about your business, products, images and videos as a website. Fanpage also has a private link as a website. Therefore, it absolutely can help customers easily to make a purchasing decision immediately even when they are surfing your Fanpage.

2. Help increasing traffics to your main website


Through Fanpage, it can help you increase traffics to your main website effectively. This is also a way to boost both of your website’s SEO and your Fanpage;¬†help your customers find your enterprise¬†more easily

3. Help your enterprise interact with the community effectively


By approaching multilaterally with a high spread, Fanpage really is an effective image advertising tool. Moreover, Fanpage also can help community and customers contact with your enterprise effectively in a multidimensional way.

Fanpage can directly lead you to fans and more precisely, to customers. At the same time, you can send a message to all of your fans, your customers or target individuals according to nation, city and gender. You should use Event Apps to schedule promotion programs, special events and then, send the invitation to all of your customers and fans.

All of these things are available and completely free of charge for any enterprise or brand that use Facebook.

4. Combine easily with other means of Internet Marketing


The issue relating to Internet Marketing’s general benefits has been discussed¬†many times. Fanpage also is a tool among many other Internet Marketing tools.

When using Internet Marketing tools, you need to try to combine as effectively and save money as possible in order to¬†enhance the competitiveness of your enterprise. Fanpage can be used by connecting to many tools such as¬†Email Marketing, Youtube, Google+…

5.  Drive traffic to your website


Via Fanpage, the traffic to your website is unlimited. The connection between Fanpage and Website even is encouraged.

The amount of Facebook users is very enormous and it keeps growing with supersonic speed. This absolutely is a great opportunity for you because if just only a small portion of daily traffic directs to your website, it will dramatically improve quality traffic to your website.

6. Help naturally conveying messages to customers, avoid causing the offensive


When posting an ad on Fanpage, the¬†advertising messages will appear randomly on fans’ hompages. According to Facebook users, when surfing Facebook they will¬†give a quick glance at the homepage to see if there is any new information.

After that, your customers will suddenly come across information about our products among many other statuses. They will click into that if they are interested in and will ignore if they do not like. However, at least they will be familiar with and keep in their mind about your brand.

The customers will feel it more natural because the reason why they join your Fanpage is that they want to receive information about your Fanpage.

7. Help reducing Marketing Expenses in the long term


For instance, if you have a Fanpage including 200,000 target customers (not considering the cost as well as the time that you spend on building this page. Your enterprise will obtain cost resources such as:

  • Be able to communicate to customers to let them know about your brand at no cost. If your enterprise takes good care of the Fanpage, there will be about 500,000 – 3,000,000 customers can see the content of advertisements on your Fanpage. (The number of customers¬†will change according to Hot level of the Fanpage.
  • Whenever there is a¬†promotion program, your enterprise just needs to post it on Fanpage and ¬†immediately, you will have a lot of customers know this but without spending any money on publishing on newspapers or banners to promote.
  • Send¬†cordial wishes to all of your customers on special occasions without any cost.

8. The Facebook Insights gives you useful information about your fans and their interactions.


In order to do business well in general and implement a marketing plan effectively in particular, you need to conduct market research. Understanding your fans and your customers is a very important factor to send suitable messages to exact target customers who are in need of attention.

Facebook Insights is a free but very powerful analytics tool for those who want to keep track of their users’ interaction¬†on their Facebook Fan Page. The tool is available to all admins of your Fanpage once you have over 30 fans.

Facebook Insight provides you a lot of specific metrics about your post. You will be able to know when is the best time of day to post and the best day of the week to post, which type of content will work best…

9. Provide a very potential foundation for brand promotion.


If you post updated information on your Facebook wall, or your fans interact with your Fanpage, the interactions will appear on fans’ News Feed or forward to potential fans (For instance, Facebook friends of your fans).

By establishing strong relationships with many members who have much influence or many connections as well as being received praise about your enterprise, your brand and products, you will get valuable brand promotion. As a result, it will help you increase sales.