8 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website in WordPress

8 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website in WordPress

Sure, it can be hard to switch over to a new platform. There is a natural inertia that sets in when you have used something for a long time. That is why we still use the qwerty keyboard, even though more efficient ones have been designed. At the same time, though you might have some natural resistance as it means more work at the beginning if in the long run it makes your site more effective and reduces your workload, it is something that you really should consider.

That is the case for WordPress. The most common used platform has so many inbuilt advantages over the competition that even though the initial switchover might be demanding, in the long run, you will save yourself a lot of work and heartache.

Why? Let me explain.

The platform has a huge number of apps and add-ons

Because WordPress is used by so many sites, it has a huge number of developers creating some absolutely fantastic content for it. The great thing about these bits of code is that they can do some truly impressive things on demand. That means you do not have to program this stuff yourself or spend thousands of dollars on getting somebody else to write code for you.

Instead, you just plug and play.

In this way, you will be able to try out dozens of new ideas, without having to invest serious economic resources. Want to see if this app will help your site? Then try it out and throw it out if it does not appeal.

Most people know WordPress

Another advantage if you are working in a team is that you will actually be able to get other people to take care of aspects of the website without having to train them up. After all, WordPress is a common platform, which means that many people will already know how to use it.

That makes it easy to employ new people to put up content, modify aspects of the website or manage particular areas. Rather than spending hours explaining the ins and outs of how you decided to do things on your site, all they need is a user name.

It is constantly being made more robust

Because there is such a big team of developers working on WordPress and its many apps and add-ons when there is a security breach of some sort (and they do happen), the problem is resolved quickly and effectively.

In this way, if you simply manage to keep your software updated, then you can be pretty sure that your site is safe and you are covered.

It is easy to make SEO friendly

Ultimately, ranking well on search engines is important for every business, as it will steer people to your site free-of-charge. To rank well in the search engines, however, you need a website that is SEO friendly from the bottom up.

That is where WordPress comes in. In a few simple steps, you can make it SEO friendly and thereby start your mission to steer traffic to your site. In that way, somewhere down the line, you will be able to focus on content creation, secure in the knowledge that Google will steer traffic in your direction when you do so.

It is very supportive of a blog

Content marketing is one of the phrases you keep hearing again and again. That is because it is effective. Where most marketing campaigns only last from a few days to a few weeks, content marketing can stay relevant and draw in traffic for months if done correctly.

The main way that most people content market is through blogs. And that is made far easier with WordPress, as it supports blogging efforts effortlessly. All you need after that is to create some content, but there two advances are being made. There are plenty of freelancers and writing services out there that you can turn to, such as Writingjudge.com. It does not even have to be that expensive!

It is flexible yet newbie friendly

Because so many people start off using WordPress, a lot of effort has gone into making it understandable and easy to use for people from every walk of life. You can basically start a WordPress site without any programming skills whatsoever.

At the same time, there is still a huge amount of flexibility, with it being immensely customizable, either by learning how to code or by using some of those apps that are out there. In this way, it is not just something that people who are starting out use. Instead, you can easily make it as complex and as personal as you prefer. That is why you will still see some pretty big websites (like the New York Times and Inc.) using the service.

That scalability means that you will never be stuck in the situation where you have run out of options and are basically stuck at a dead end and have to consider switching your site over.

It is easy to get somebody else to build your site for you

WordPress has a huge number of people who know how to build it. That means that when you are looking for somebody to build your site for you, you are going to have no trouble finding somebody that you can work with.

Even better, when there is that much choice, there is natural competition. That means that you can probably find somebody out there who can build your site up to your specifications for the money that you can actually pay.

And that is important because it does not matter how good a platform is, if you can not build in it, then what is the point, right?

They are stable

And finally, as the platform has been around for a long time, you can be sure that it is stable. It has been bombarded with plenty of attacks and has fixed the biggest issues.

That is hugely important, as that means that you can expect it to keep working like it does in the years to come. That will mean you do not have to do any major overhauls in order to upgrade your website from an older version to a newer version of WordPress. In other words, there will be few maintenance costs and it can almost run on automatic pilot. What is not to love about that?

Final words

WordPress is popular for a reason. It is a great platform and because it is popular, you have got another reason to use it. Just like Windows is still the most popular platform for laptops and gasoline engines are the most common engines, the fact that WordPress is the biggest thing brings some serious advantages in its wake.

What do you have?

  • an infrastructure in place to support it;
  • a lot of people who know how to maintain it;
  • a lot of add-ons that web designers created particularly for that platform that won’t work anywhere else.

So, yes, if you have not yet switched platforms, then consider doing so now. The advantages are many and look to stay in place for a long time to come. And that matters when you are running a business.