7 Modern SEO Tactics That You Should Try

7 Modern SEO Tactics That You Should Try

A Brief Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


SEO, you may hear about this phrase frequently and find them easily in websites but there will still be many specific things about it that you have not known yet. Then, what is SEO?

SEO is the optimization for Search engine;¬†basically, it means you are creating a website which is friendly to search engines. As you all know, search engine has a¬†great influence to your website traffic. A website which is created with a friendly and optimal manner to the search engine will have more¬†opportunities as customers are easy to find them. Basically, by doing SEO for your website, you will increase traffic for your website.¬†Probably, you have some questions such as: ¬†“Do I need to understand about Google Search’s algorithm?” The answer is: “NO”. You no longer need to insert links or post articles to other websites with the hope that your website will be on TOP.

Nowadays, if you want to do SEO to stay on TOP, you do not need to be a Google’s engineers that are¬†knowledgeable about Google’s¬†search algorithms. Because tricks to bypass law or cheat Google’s algorithms are no longer effective in doing SEO website nowadays.¬†In order to do SEO successfully, you can only achieve through combination between website construction and customers’ interaction. While technical factors only support you in the first period, the convenience and the usefulness that your website brings to customers are the¬†decisive factors. Modern SEO¬†can be performed when you still have not had experiences,¬†technical knowledge or understanding of the Google’s algorithm.

This article will introduce you 7 tactics you should try to make your customers feel that your website is very convenient and useful.

1. Designing a friendly website


In order to design a website which is friendly to customers, design ideas as well as interactive functions with customers play very important role. Firstly, you must define your goal.

After that, you have to make your website look aesthetic and easy for customers so that they can find exactly what they are searching for. Besides, you also need to make your website can be accessed and displayed well on devices (in order to do this, you may need the assistance of a coder) as well as create navigation for your website.

2. Creating content well


Content always plays an important role in doing SEO for website. ¬†Bill Gate used to say “Content is King” in his article back in 1996. Nowadays, you do not need to focus on repeating keyword phrases in your article. You just need to make sure that you are choosing an interesting topic and write about them in your own style. In order to create content well, you should consider about the following tips:

Writing briefly: This is the key factor when writing online. Because actually, web suffers only skim but they rarely read word by word. Therefore, if your content is brief and condensed, your customers will grasp more easily. Besides, you should eliminate words, sentences, or even paragraphs if they can not help you express what you want to say. Ask yourself if you can say something only in some words. Moreover, you should begin writing a paragraph by important information firstly.

Using inverted pyramid style for website’s content:¬†Writing in the ordinary pyramid style is a writing style that you used in schools.

It means that you will begin by creating foundation for website through providing supplementary information from multiple sources, documents and various studies. After that, you will summarize, classify that supplementary information into a shorter passage. Finally, you finish your article by a concluding paragraph. This writing style makes customers work very hard in the entire process from the first foundation to the last pointed tip.

However, this writing style is not suitable for website’s articles. The more appropriate one is the inverted pyramid style. This writing style comes from reporters that reverse the whole process by putting important information first, and follow are other detail information. An overview paragraph will help customers understand the main problems and purpose of the article immediately. It allows customers decide promptly whether they should continue reading or not.

Using headlines

You should use an attractive and powerful headline at the top of the page or the paragraph as well as spaces between paragraphs so as to be more eye-catching than a long paragraph without stopping points. Use headlines included in the article’s content. Headlines are the same as main ideas of an essay, so that customers can glance once, capture the key ideas and decide to continue reading or not.

Being realistic, not being mystery

You better avoid beginning by questions such as: ” have you seen that thing happen? Here are the things you need”. Customers simply do not spend too much time on guessing what you really want to say. Therefore, you should say straight and quickly enough for your customers not to go

Creating confidence

You should keep in mind that you are working in an environment which has little reliability. Do not overstate. Insteads, you should say something realistic and clearly. You may be very enthusiastic, but do not urge.

3. Putting yourself in the position of searchers, self-questioning and self-answering those questions


Previously, marketers and seoers are often obsessed with ideas such as the frequency of keyword occurrence, Meta description tags (providing search engine the summary of the page content) and profile links. In general, everything is calculated in percentages and numbers. They seem to be reasonable to put into an excel file, but how a website built from data of an excel file can attract a human being?

It is the issue that search engines are adjusting and you should also adapt to this adjustment. Especially, you need to think about your visitors to your website at every stages of designing and marketing website. This can be easily done with a series of questions and answers that you can ask and answer yourselves. Although this seems to be very basic and simple but you should think carefully.

Formerly, seoers would optimize the keywords such as “laptop”, but the customers’ searching habit is becoming more¬†semantic and customers no longer enter generic words but they pose questions. Therefore, if your website is answering for your customers’ questions, then you are beginning to win in the ranking races of search engine.

As a result, you should not care about how many keywords you are using in your content being created. Insteads, you should ask yourself what your customers need from you.

4. Making other people talk about you


Google will assess your website through websites linking to yours and what they talk about your website. Heretofore, people applied this thing to place as many links to other websites as possible. But nowadays, this tactic is no longer effective and you even sometime will be punished heavily by Google for spamming links.

Nowadays, the construction of the external links needs a lot of time and created as natural as possible. Building relationship with outside blogs, and reputable websites will help make your website having high reliability about both content and quality. If your website has good content quality, other websites will link to your website naturally.  Google considers each of high quality links from outside to your website is a vote of reliance for yours.

5. Working on popular social networks


Promoting your website on social networks also plays a vital role in changing ranking in search results. Whatever your  business is, you need to take part in social network.

When we like something, we will tend to talk about them and your customers are the same. Social networks are places where many people talk about what they like. The number of people who follow and care about you on social networks will correlate with your website’s ranking on search engine. A website which has a lot of followers on social network such as Facebook, Twitter will rank higher than the ones not having accounts on popular social networks.

Therefore, you have to make sure that you have sent backlinks not only to your website but also to your homepage as well as the page of your corporate’s information and location when you send post onto Social Media.

6. Using a modern Content Management System (CMS)


Using a modern and optimal CMS will help you a lot. Although a Content Management System is not a search engine  optimization (SEO) magic bullet but it can help doing SEO less painful through standardizing format and structure, respecting best-practices, making people easy to develop internal links; ensuring integration with analytics tools in an easily and flexible way.

Also, a modern CMS will configure SEO- supporting parameters and almost sections are displayed in an interface which is easy to understand and update.

7. Improving on mobile devices


Nowadays, there is an increase in the number of smart mobile devices with a lot of utilities and reasonable prices creating a great change in the habit of Internet users and the most remarkable thing is surfing the web. Many people use smart phones for searching even more than desktop. Wherever you go, you also can encounter someone holding a smartphone or a tablet so as to read online newspapers or surf Facebook.

In order to keep up with the developing rapid of mobile devices and for customers to experience better; recently, the popular search engine РGoogle has announced that: They will prioritize displaying websites more friendly to mobile devices at a higher ranking.

Therefore, if you want to optimize searching experiences, you should think about optimizing your website for traffics through smart phones.

Google released AMP pages-their tool, in order to allow website designers quickly optimize their pages for mobile devices. Besides, Google is building all of their algorithms for mobile devices and Apple is building all of their algorithms for mobile devices based on the actions of mobile users.

Once you have optimized your website’s content and had mobile experiences, the next steps will be orienting data. Now you will understand what are happening when customers visit your website and how they can interact with it.

You will expect to know the signs that you are bringing to customers through mobile devices and content. In order to do this, you should see into indicators such as time on website, bounce rate, the number of pages for each visits, and return rate of users. This data will let you know whether your customers are comfortable and interested in after visiting your website.


Above are some pieces of modern SEO advice that will get your website rank higher and achieve many great accomplishments in business.