6 reasons why audiences do not like your Instagram Ads and how to increase likes and followers in Instagram Ads

Since Instagram launches advertising features until now, the number of ads appearing on the user’s site is exploding. Although the reports show that creating innovative and unique content is the way to connect with viewers, many businesses, sellers still only see Instagram ads like banner ads. So the average click rate from Instagram ads is very low compared to the potential exploited from this growing social network. Here are six main reasons why viewers do not like Instagram

So the average click rate from Instagram ads is very low compared to the potential exploited from this growing social network. Here are six main reasons why viewers do not like Instagram ads and see what kind of situation you are facing.

1. Ads look too rigid

Instagram as well as Youtube – is a sea of content that users change every day. Anything that is new, interesting or unique will be blown up. Meanwhile, the content with rigid, monotonous style will not be able to reach many customers. For Instagram, where colors and images mean a lot, users always want to find something special. So creating Instagram ads with natural light, beautiful photos, and luscious scenery … like a painting will impress the viewer.

2. Stories in the ad

Many Instagram ads only include brand names, a tagline, and a photo that looks like it is coming from the internet. In other words, they look like a banner. Instagram users are not just looking at photos. They also see the story behind the scene. It can be a funny or inspirational story to travel, or simply that urge the viewer to do something. That is the real art of Instagram: turn photos into stories with different levels of emotions for viewers.

3. The main character is not attractive

Who is the main character in your Instagram ads? Like ads on Facebook, brands often use the main characters are puppies, kittens, motorcycles, jewelry, celebrities … to attract the attention of many viewers. If you want to have some really engaging photos, you can take advantage of one of the suggestions above. By collaborating with celebrities, you will attract a large number of potential customers not only to focus on the image but also the brand name and the sales program that is in the ad.

4. The way of displaying  your product is boring

Today, advertising and commerce on Instagram are deeply connected. Users follow the accounts of famous brands and always want to update the latest information about the product through impressive pictures. But, more importantly, they also want to see these products in their daily lives. Luxurious watches are set on the blue sky in a modern city. Or bottles of energy drinks are placed with dusty bicycles. Fashion brands bring small tips to wear, beautiful models posing between natural scenery or beautiful countryside. Your  Instagram ads need to keep up this trend when the lifestyle is placed on top and then to the presence of the product.

5. Too many words

So if you just focus on stuffing a lot of words into the picture, you are accidentally losing viewers interest. Many studies have shown that, when users look at the phone, the eyes will focus on the center of the screen. The first is to identify the image and then to other parts. So if you just focus on stuffing a lot of words into the picture, you are accidentally losing viewers interest.

6. You do not use videos

Instagram now allows users to post videos. If you are looking to showcase your brand, product, you can try to do it through video. Even when users flip through your ad, the video will automatically run and you still attract viewers. A series of video of the interview or action-related videos will be the way to build your brand on Instagram.

However, the way you attract and retain viewers from Instagram ads remains highly dependent on unique content which is conveyed to viewers through beautiful and impressive pictures. So creating Instagram ads with consistent content is the way to create more followers.  The more followers, the more loyal customers you will have.

How to increase likes and followers in Instagram Ads?

1. Articles posted at the right time

Before you post a photo, you always have to think of two things: the time zone where your customers live and which is the period of time will they be on to check their Instagram. On Instagram, the length of time that the photo containing the product you want to sell will live up to 4 hours before it is buried underneath other photos on your follower’s wall. Therefore, the best way to use Instagram is to follow Instagram’s rules.

If you post articles throughout the day will make your followers bored and the time on the Instagram is affected, this will sometimes bring the opposite effect affecting the Instagram ads.

2. Use popular Hashtags

Based on your business, choose the appropriate hashtags to help you classify your photos. The best way to discover the common hashtags for your business is to use Google. With just a simple search engine, Google will let you know it seems all you need.

Remember: never too enamored with the hashtag. A paragraph just containing hashtags and not containing any introductory content or featured features of the product can not cause Instagram ad interactions. Statistics show that we should only use one to three hashtags for a photo on Instagram.  If you do not use a hashtag, it is difficult to complement your Instagram ad campaign.

3.  Organize a contest in Instagram

Organizing an Instagram contest is often the most effective way to increase more customers and get more followers on social networks. Since the Instagram network has become so popular, it has gradually become the foundation for contests, and especially the photo vote contest.

If you are interested in organizing a contest to promote your Instagram advertising campaign, start planning and strategizing yourself right no

4. Share the real photos of your products

Take a look at yourself as a customer, and think that no one wants to see only those products with colorful images dedicated to advertising. They need real photos with real products, even the ones that are being used. For example, if you sell a detox bottle, you should let the bottle full of fruit and mint leaves and take a picture of that bottle.

Your Instagram posts are not necessarily about the product, It can also be tips or tutorials or funny stories with humorous images to make the Instagram site not boring and become active. Posting every day and regularly will make users realize you are still working and advertising products on Instagram.

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