5 SEO trends and developments that are set to rock the world

5 SEO trends and developments that are set to rock the world

The internet is the 21st century’s newest library. Whatever you want to find you can get it online. However, unlike libraries, the information we can get from the internet is better organized, thus making things easier for people to find things that actually matter to them. Online data can easily be optimized, and internet marketing has completely changed the way we get access to information. The web’s algorithms dictate what we read the moment we type a keyword in a search engine. And it should not surprise you that these keywords depend on search engine optimization. Let’s have a closer look at 5 SEO trends that are about to change the world of the internet completely.

1.  The great power of mobile

2015 was a peak year for SEO, and many things have changed for the better in the internet marketing environment. Google’s newest algorithm now penalizes the websites that are not mobile-friendly, which is a good thing considering over 50% of the population is now mobile. In 2017 things are getting even more serious. The relocation towards a more mobile website has compelled businesses to focus on building a stronger presence online, thus improving organic search rankings.


Even though most startups have already had the chances to develop a mobile presence, some are still struggling. In a few months, websites that do not have content optimized for tablets and smartphones will not make the cut and will not be able to overcome their main competitors. Simply put, your great content will not matter if it is not properly optimized for smart devices.

2. Voice search

With the rise of smartphones and tablets comes the need to use hands-free voice to perform searches. Whether Windows, iOS or Android, the operating system of a phone matters less than search mode. There are high chances for a user to want to access a website and be able to do that through voice command. No need for keyboard touch or screen tapping – all users have to do is think and speak.

Nevertheless, voice search is not that easy to incorporate in today’s smart devices. As opposite to keyboard searches and screen tapping, voice command uses exclusions, quotation marks, modifiers, and auto-complete. In other words, asking a question doesn’t necessarily mean you will be perfectly understood. This is where SEO comes in. A website properly optimized for voice search will soon get ahead of those that are not.


3. Website speed

It is no secret that we want our websites to load fast. Many of us are in a hurry. We want access to information, and we want to get it as soon as possible. Lagging cuts time in half, and our patience is limited.

Search engines care a lot about speed, and even though websites that do not load fast are not penalized, they might soon enough. To increase speed website, the owners might want to consider uploading smaller images, cutting back on flashy graphics, and remove contents that bring no value.

4. Social search

For many years we have been focused on the keyword search. The best keywords come first, and they matter for SEO a lot. However, in the upcoming years, things might change, and the approach will probably become more social. Social media is not something we have never seen before in the digital landscape, but little by little it becomes more influential. Social media has a fundamental role in e-commerce. It has managed to empower governments and it has convinced the people that sometimes a Facebook page can be more powerful than a 10-year old website. Optimizing your content for social SEO is gaining tremendous popularity, and soon enough major search engines will be compelled to allow social media page to be ranked first (provided that the content is of the utmost quality).


5. Hyper-local

Search engines keep evolving, and today’s algorithms might easily be a thing of the past tomorrow. People are using their devices to make local search increasingly more often, and this is becoming a really big deal to savvy marketers. Even though Google’s efforts to focus on local searches have been grand, the trend is growing. The newest tendency in SEO will probably be increased exposure for local searches, and brands and companies will have to adapt if they want to set apart from the competition.

The world of internet marketing is not just changing, but also adapting to emerging trends. If you are new to SEO and are not sure how to use it to brand your company, a good idea might be to consult with an online marketing agency London to give you a hand and help you get started on the right foot.