5 Best Joomla Hotel & Travel Booking Extensions

5 Best Joomla Hotel & Travel Booking Extensions

Traveling has the significance and affects our lives more than we thought. Traveling is not only an opportunity to rest but also a chance to experience, improve understanding about countries, people, and other cultures. Traveling really makes us happier.

Booking accommodations when planning an upcoming trip is a very important task to everyone. It helps make the trip go well, success and the travelers do not need to worry that they can not find any hotel or guest house to shelter when they arrive. Besides, booking flights or rental cars also are simple tasks but help bring peace of mind to travelers and support them to the maximum to feel full pleasure from the trip.

Therefore, the role of optimizing the websites of which the main function is booking hotel and issues relating to traveling is very important to satisfy travelers. Joomla Hotel and Travel booking extensions are ideal solutions. This article will mention about 5 best Joomla hotel & travel booking extensions.

1. VikBooking


VikBooking is an Independent Booking Engine (IBE) for Joomla designed for the enterprises that run business in the field of accommodation. It can perfectly meet all the demands that Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Hostels and Apartments, Camp Sites or any other sleeping accommodation business need to have that can help them get direct bookings and avoid commissions to online travel agencies or third parties.

Below are the most important features:

  • The powerful booking management system that is collected¬†through phones or¬†portals
  • The rooms management system is very detail
  • The pricing system is very¬†effective with prices per night, different prices per seasons of the year, prices depend on the number of people per room and depend on the children age.
  • Options management system for rooms services like breakfast, extra beds, tourist taxes etc..
  • It provides the most convenient payment solution includes currency converter supporting over 140 currencies; over 40 payment gateways available for popular banks of the world; bank transfer method of payment that is pre-installed; invoicing system; coupon system for discounts
  • The built-in translation system¬†can support many languages
  • CSV Export/Report and¬†ICS Export/Report of the Bookings that can synchronize any calendar software like iCalendar, Google Calendar, Hotmail etc…

2. Solidres


Another wonderful hotel booking extension for Joomla is Solidres. You can download and use it on unlimited sites with no fee. In addition to using Solidres for hotels, it is also used for other types of booking businesses like apartment/villas booking, B&B, guesthouse, campsite, even for cat boarding.

Below are the most important features:

  • It supports booking per night or per day
  • It is one page¬†AJAX and the reservation form is well organized: This feature is¬†actually very important when bringing nice experiences for guests because most of the¬†guests¬†will stop booking if they can not understand the user interface easily or forced to fill out¬†a terrible form with too many details
  • It is multilingual¬†with Falang integration
  • The calendar is available
  • It is¬†Google Map integrated that allow drag and drop on the¬†map to¬†definite¬†your location visually
  • It provides responsive layout and email templates
  • It supports¬†Facebook OpenGraph
  • It is supported by multiple Joomla template providers and easy to use, configure as well as can be expanded¬†via plugins and modules

3. JHotelReservation



Another great choice for enterprises running businesses in the field of accommodation is JHotelReservation. Thanks to its simplicity of the booking process, there is an increasing in the percentage of customers’ reservation up to 30% when those enterprises applied JHotelReservation.

Below are the most important features:

  • The booking process is simple with 4 steps from¬†booking dates to the final confirmation
  • The¬†reservation management is flexible
  • It even includes children categories
  • It is easy to establish room prices
  • There are 4 styles of¬†modules and components to choose from
  • It is Google Map integrated
  • Clients’ personal info from the past reservations can be conveniently¬†reused for their next times

4. Taxi Booking


In order to have a perfect trip, customers do not only need a comfortable accommodation but means of transport also play a very important role. Therefore, customers are increasingly focusing on carefully preparing vehicles. Booking car service is a trend that many people choose.

Taxi Booking is a great solution for enterprises that are running businesses in the field of car services. Taxi Booking provides 4 types of software in one package include:

  1. Metered taxi services
  2. Limo and Private hire pre-booked fixed fares
  3. Hourly car hire
  4. Shuttle and Bus ticket sales

Taxi Booking meets all the needs of taxis, mini cab, private hire companies, hourly rentals, limousine, fixed price journeys, shuttles, buses, tours, transfers, delivery, removals, moving companies and other transportation businesses.

Below are the main features of Taxi Booking:

  • Settings
  • Payment methods
  • POI Categories
  • Points of Interest
  • Cars
  • Tariffs
  • Special routes
  • Shuttle routes
  • Coupons
  • Booking calendar
  • Orders
  • DriveNot network
  • URL building tool and Live Update.
  • Using Google Maps API to calculate distance and prices

5. Flight Booking Component



Another mean of transport for traveling that is very modern, convenient and popular nowadays is the plane.

JB¬†Flight¬†is a right solution for¬†small airlines, charter airlines or aviation company¬†to optimize their website as much as possible so that their customers can book flights conveniently and the websites’ admins also manage businesses effectively.

Below are the main features:

  • It supports to customers to search and book tickets fast and easily with or without registration
  • It gives customers 2 choices classes of seats: economy and business
  • Customers can find flights available and rates by date
  • Customers can¬†even get PDF tickets printed on the websites
  • There are more than 20¬†payment gateways in the extra plugins that make it easy for customers in making payments.
  • The pricing configuration is based on ages (children, adults, infant, round trip)
  • It helps admins to see the number of people booked, flight numbers, destinations, time, payment status, track customers and orders
  • Admins are able to edit email templates to be accordance with different purposes and different types of ¬†customers
  • It provides support system such as email, skype so that customers can¬†get timely assistance.

Here you can find out more about the best Joomla Hotel & Travel Booking Extensions .