12 tips to write a standard seo article

12 tips to write a standard seo article

There is no need to say much more but people can understand the importance of doing SEO. However, the severity of this trend is gradually being determined by the content.  Here are some points to note about how to write a stand SEO article that helps content and form of your article optimized for Google and become reader-friendly.

A standard SEO article is an optimized SEO article that meets most of the on- page SEO criteria. The more factors you can optimize, the more standard SEO your article is. This article will reveal 12 tips which will be helpful to you.

1. Prepare a good content which is useful for readers

This is the most important step to attract readers. If the reader escaped from the first lines because they were too bad, then it was a failure. To attract readers to stay long on your website, the content you write should be good and really useful to people who are learning about it. In addition to good content, the presentation is also an equally important factor during the process of writing a standard SEO article.

2. Optimize your article title

The title is the main subject of an article, which tells users and search engines what the article is saying.

  • The title should be closely related to the article
  • The title must not exceed 70 characters
  • The title contains primary keywords and secondary keywords that need SEO
  • Absolutely not stuff keywords.

3.  Keywords should be in the title of the article

Keywords should be in the title of the article means that we have to put keywords that we want Google to search for your article through which keywords. This is very important because through that Google can understand which problem the article refers to. If you do not optimize this section, there is a shortcoming can not be unacceptable if you plan to become a professional SEOer.

4. Optimize your description tag for your article

The description tag is a brief content that summarizes the entire content of the article, which helps readers and search engines understand what the article is all about. In order to optimize your SEO description tag, you need to follow these rules:

  • The content is short, concise and easy to understand
  • The number of characters in the description tag from 160 – 165 characters
  • The description tag contains the keywords that need to SEO
  • Do not use the content of the article to make the description tag

4. Optimize URL

Optimize the URL with the following rules:

  • Optimize the URL to be short and easy to understand
  • Contains keywords that need SEO
  • Do not use special characters
  • It need to be friendly to search engines

5.  Use Heading tag reasonably

To have a standard SEO article for your website, optimizing these Heading tags is extremely important.

Heading ranges from H1 to H6 arranged in descending order of preference. Heading tags emphasize the paragraphs or content that we want to talk about in the article. In order to optimize heading card effectively, you need to do it in a scientific way to make the most of it.

6. Distribute keywords in articles

In order to have a standard SEO article, then writing content is not enough, you need to optimize by distributing the keywords in the article in a scientific way. First, you need to analyze a set of keywords for the article that you need to write, then we distribute the primary keyword and the secondary keyword in the article at the rate of 2 to 3%. Do not forget to use highlighted, italic and underlined tags in the article to emphasize the keywords in the article.

7. Important keywords must be highlighted and only highlighted once

In order to make it easier for Google to understand important keywords in the article, we should bold important keywords that help Google¬†understand which keywords are important. For example, if I want to mention to the standard SEO article, what I will do is bolding the word “the standard SEO article”.

8. Optimize internal link

Internal links are one of the most important factors to get an article SEO standards, it is a link to a page that we specify, which is often used for navigating users and spiders, thus reducing page bounce rates and increasing It is a link to a page that we specify, which is often used for navigating users and search bugs, thus reducing page bounce rates and speeding up article index.

9. The article should have external links

When it comes to building a  natural article, external links are indispensable. Many of you assume that this is the loss of traffic, but you also understand that the more naturally we build the site, the higher Google appreciate.

10. Optimize images in the article

Images are indispensable in the article but search engine bots can not understand what those images say about, so you need to optimize the image with the following ways:

  • Use the Alt – alternative information tag
  • Using the Caption tag as a description that surrounds the image
  • Optimize image size with proportions

11. Embed video into article

If your article is in the category of tips and tricks, the use of video is extremely necessary, the video makes the article much more lively and understandable. In SEO, embedding videos into article help increasing the trust and time on-site for your article.

12. Integrate social network


Nowadays, with the development of social networking, the interaction with them is especially important. You should integrate the Like button, Share of some social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. so that readers can interact better and attract more readers on social networking sites.