Vinaora World Time Clock

Vinaora World Time Clock is a nice clock module for Joomla!. It shows current local time in cities and countries in all time zones, adjusted for Daylight Saving Time rules automatically.

Screenshots of Vinaora World Time Clock

Vinaora World Time ClockVinaora World Time ClockVinaora World Time Clock

Features of Vinaora World Time Clock

Web Hosting
  • Provides correct and current time in any world time zone, country or major city.
  • Accurate adjustments for Daylight Saving Time (or Summer Time).
  • Choosing Random color (216 colors).
  • Customize size (100 px – 600 px).
  • Two clock type: 12 hours or 24 hours.
  • Support Web Browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera…
  • Valid XHTML and CSS.

Download Vinaora World Time Clock module


  • Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7
  • Joomla 1.5.x (stable)
  • Joomla 1.0.x (stable)

Parameters for Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7


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  • Beautiful clock, i love it. But I just dislike the color, my favorite is blue. When will you launch other color style of clock?

  • Hi and thanks for this clock ,But i also would love to have it in another colour to match my site thanks.

  • Awesome world time clock. Can it be available in other shape like square, etc.? Creative, I love this site.

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