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Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slide-show is a free Joomla! module (Joomla! extension) to show images in 3D Flash Slide-show. It has been conceived to create amazing 3D transition between slides. You can setup different transition effects for each slide and set their duration or delay. The different UI elements like next/back arrows and the pre-loader icon can be customized as well.

This module used CU3ER flash 3D image slider (Copyright (c) 2010, Stefan Kovac). Please see Progressivered for more information.

Vinaora Quber 3D Slide-show is another name of Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slide-show.

ScreenShots of “Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow”

Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slide-show

Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slide-show

Download “Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow”

Features of “Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow”

  • FREE flash 3D image slider
  • EASY to set up
  • CUSTOMIZABLE faster via Joomla,
  • TAILORED to creatives striving for a UNIQUE look & feel
  • FUN to use!

Parameters of “Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow”

Usage “Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow”

Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slide-show, an image slider initially conceived to create 3D transitions between slides, turned out to be a convenient and multifunction solution that can be applied in a range of website building areas, from content slider to feature slider and image & banner rotator. Consider using it when you want to grab the user’s attention, and you’ll be delighted by the results!

If you’d like to experience more creativity in web development, are striving to more visually appealing content, and prefer to have even more unique image transitions on your websites, try the Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slide-show! Its magic is astonishing!

How to setup demo?

  • Firstly, open Joomla! Back-end (Joomla! Administrator page).
  • And then, go to “Extensions” menu >> “Module Manager” >> choose “Vinaora Cu3er 3D SlideShow module.
  • See Parameters section on the right hand.
  • Go to Global Settings >> Run Demo (or Custom Config) parameter and choose one configuration from the list.
  • Enabled the module and press [Apply] or [Save] button
  • Go to front-end to see the result.

How to setup by yourself?

Requirements of ‘Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow’

There are no special requirements for setting it up and running other than a limited knowledge of web authoring:

  • Joomla! 1.5, Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5
  • Flash Player 9+,
  • SWFObject (embedding .swf files into web pages),
  • Applications for image editing (especially for creating & exporting slides)
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  • I have noticed that this module is sitting above a popup login module that I use. Is there some way of setting the z-index so that it shows below everything else.

    Thanks for the great extension.

  • I made a Joomla article with severals cu3es, all works fine, each one with their own images, but when i try to setup each one with different time of exposure and delay all of it works with the same times (default time I suppose), there are some way to make it works with a time for each one?

    Thanks for a great job

  • I couldn’t find any forum or any way to contact developers so I post my question here.

    I’m trying to change the image path as I don’t want to use images/stories as image root. How do I do this?

  • There are some way to split the cubes in two rows and four columns?


  • How do I reduce the size of the Text background. The text size is 26, but the grey background is taking almost half of the image space.

  • Anyone else getting a red background in the slide transitions? I can’t seem to get rid of it.

  • is compatible with Joomla 2.5.1?

  • Good day. I have the following problem:
    When I install the module in Joomla 2.5, and simply select the directory of the slides, it works normal, but after the transition for all slides it to the last image, and does not return to the first again, what to do?

    • Now, you can download the latest version – Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow 2.5.3

  • I install to joomla 2.5.2, but when I try to use always faced me “upsss… image not found” for the first image, other image is working. But when I only show one pic it’s working. :/ I don’t know why to this. Please help.

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s a bug in this version. We’ll fix asap.

      • I love this module but I´m having the same issue as GunG.
        Pls. put me on a mailing list for when you have the new version with a fix ready.
        Thanks in advance:)

    • Please update to Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow 2.5.3

      • Thanks it worked!:)

        I have another question that you might be able to answer..
        Is there any way to implement a click-counter to this module?
        Would be nice to be able to monitor clicks like in Joomla´s build in banner component.


      • Hi can anybody reply me?

        Thank you!

        • You can add click counter at image’s link. Link can point to your counter, and counter will redirect user to the target page.

  • Hi. I’ve love your module! I use a lot in all my sites! But i have a problem with this module.
    This module only appears on the main menus! If i select a children menu the flash stops at the cuber logo!

    One example is at virtuemart. i have to disable the module in the shop page because it will never work when the clients are navigating in the shop.

    All of my sites are joomla 1.5.25
    Thank you

  • I’m using joomla 1.5 and Cu3er 1.2.1., but it’s do not working at ciryllic domain name hosting. The site have two domain names, and in latin name all working currectly ( and http://гаджетшоп.рф).
    Can anybody help me to resolve this problem?

    • In addition,
      Module currectly reading my xml-config (I changed configs, and size of module changes too), but it can’t read images, despite a full path to image typed (shows a logo of Cu3er, and nothing more – no transitions, no control buttons)

  • Hi, I have some problems withe the image so I am going to use the example Demo1 but I want to know how I can change the link dirección in the photos. When some one do click I want to send it to another place in my web no to the page. Could you help me ?

  • “I made a Joomla article with severals cu3es, all works fine, each one with their own images, but when i try to setup each one with different time of exposure and delay all of it works with the same times (default time I suppose), there are some way to make it works with a time for each one?”
    Do not work “Transition Options” Joomla 2.5.4
    Crooked XML file
    Waiting for corrections!!!

    • I suspect that the only config file (*.xml) of Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow module is located in are in: /media/mod_vinaora_cu3er_3d_slideshow/config/

      If there is only one config file, all ads will be the same.

      Perhaps this should be a request for the next update?

  • Hi I have already installed the vinaora 3d last version in joomla 2.5 but I have a problem when I open the page in Internet Explorer the images is cut but when I open in Google crome is perfect. What can I do?

  • how i make the image appear with % and no fixed px? cause my site appear ok with 1200×1024, but i change my resolution to 800×600 and the image exceed resolution… i try to 1600×1200 and the image no complete the box of slide…

  • Hello, i say thanks for this graet and awesome template! but i have 2 little problem i dont know how to fix.
    1.- when i try to customize the transition, if i set 1 | 5 | 3 it doesnt work, just work if i set just one value for the first image, and the next just slide for defoult. is this a bug or just happend to me?
    2.-when i try to see the site in any smartphone like blackberry or android, the slideshow dont show, i think it can be play in smarphones navigators, but i open the site of cu3er in BB and android and play perfectly, how i do to this extension i love can be show in smartphone like android or BB.

    Thanks. :)

    • I found it didn’t work for me either. Instead I set the first variable and then set the drop down to “first is default”.

  • hi all, this is a great module 3d, is the best, but now i try to update my joomla to 2.5.4 and install my owner template ( ) and install vinaora cu3er 3d, the cu3er not work with my template, i try to use in 2.5 other template (atomic or beeze20) and it work fine, any can help me ?

    • sorry, the corretly site is

    • this is one error in template, if your site have any flash object in template theme you need to remove it: im my case i remove the swf logo in /templates/my theme/index.php

      after i remove the swf object and all lines about this my problem is solved…

      now i use normaly the best 3d slide =D

      • I too had this issue and it was because of the template I had. I had to adjust the scripting of my template which was created using Artiseer.

        I can always assist if needs be.

  • I have tried to use the 3D Slide-show but cannot get any images to show in J 2.5.4. I have set up a folder, used relative and absolute paths but without any outcome. Are there any trick I need to know about or a checklist I can use?

    My site is at this address

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi,
      Config files (*.xml) of Vinaora Cu3er 3D Slideshow module are in this directory /media/mod_vinaora_cu3er_3d_slideshow/config/
      So, ensure that /media/mod_vinaora_cu3er_3d_slideshow/config/ is writable.
      If not, CHMOD 755 for this directory.

  • I have an issue with this software. “The different UI elements like next/back arrows and the pre-loader icon can be customized as well.”

    It seems I can either have the linear loader or the circular loader but I want to completely disable it. I have tried setting “Buttons and Symbols Options” thus:

    (1) Auto Play – NO
    (2) Preloader – NO

    But it *still* displays – how can I switch this off?

    I’m happy to manually change the XML file here:

    Let me know via the email address registered to my profile.


  • Hello,

    I am using the vinaora-cu3er-3d-slideshow and it works absolutely fine except that it brings up the adobe flashplayer logo and reads and link Joomla! Guides, Joomla Tutorials and Templates.
    you can check out what I mean
    Works fine if you click the “Home” menu button, but if you refresh it comes up…

    Kindly please assist…


  • Hello,

    I also have in settings no preloader and it is still displaying. Joomla 2.5
    Does anyone know how to hide it?


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