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Vinaora Visitors Counter is a famous and nice counter module for Joomla!. This module shows you the number visitors of your site by day, by week, by month. And this module is now used in thousands of websites. If you were here, download and install it, you’ll like it.

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Vinaora Visitors Counter   Vinaora Visitors Counter Vinaora Visitors Counter

Vinaora Visitors Counter digits type

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  • why when i install this.. my page blank

    • Hi akma,

      Please give us your website address. We’ll check it out.

    • Hi it’s not possible to add new comment, only replay already made comments.

      I have use “Vinaora Visitors Counter” for many years now.
      Now I want to move on to Joomla 1.6, I think this is a work that have to be done.

      Mars 2012 Joomla will end Joomla 1.5, “Vinaora Visitors Counter” is the last extension I have that is not Joomla 1.6 compatible.

      You have any release date for Joomla 1.6 update, or will there not be any Joomla 1.6 update?

    • to vinaora team… i would just like to know how to check the history of visitors by month from my vinaora visitors counter plug-in…. please need help on this…. thanks…

      • Dear Zapster0719,
        I’ve a strong doubt about the trustworthiness of Vinora counter, because it count for example 865 total visitor on one of my sites, but on Google Analytics the same site have 44 total visit. So I’d like submit this questions to the developer of this plug in but is impossible to find an e-mail address about.

    • Hi,
      can you tell me where i can download vinaora visitors counter to joomla 1.7?

  • I have the same problem that akma. Help me pls!

  • Hi I have 2 questions:

    1. with what tables/data does the counter makes the counts?

    2. How can I use this counter to count the individual visits to every static page in my joomla site?

    • 1. Vinaora Visitors Counter 2.0 counts visitors based on Joomla session – table jos_session. And then save the results to jos_vvcounter_logs

      2. If you want to count individual visits on a static page, you can use Vinaora Visitors Counter 1.7.3

      • I’ll give it a try. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Hi,
    two doubts:
    is there a way to count only guests and users (not bots)?

    The time in my server is OK but in Vinaora the date is one day behind. How to fix it?

    my site:


    • 1. Count only guests and users << We'll add this feature in the next version.

      2. The time server << Please check and choose right the offset time in Global Configuration

      If not, you can give your administrator account for us. We'll check it for you.

  • Hello guys, I would like to know if there is any way to use this visitor counter with Joomla 1.6. I love its design but I think it can’t work with this new platform. Could you help me?? Thanks!

    • Hi toradmin,

      Thanks for your loving.
      We’re hard working on new version of Vinaora Visitors Counter to release it as soon as possible.
      Your sincerely.

  • hello! I’m new here, and I was wondering if you can help me.
    I have a website: and I have problems with the module.
    Everything was ok a few days ago, but when I check the page this morning, everything was white, I can get in on the backend and I just unpublish the module and the webpage returns to the normal state. I don’t know what’s happening. This site has too many visits everyday and I want to know if you have ever been in troubles with a counter. because in the number of digits I have 8, I trate to change to 9 but nothing changes..
    Really I hope you can help mee!


  • Great product, thank you.

    Is there any way to use this product to monitor multiple pages and get actual counts at a page level?

  • The module gives the following error:
    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 27525120) (tried to allocate 42 bytes) in /homepages/…/joomla/database/database/mysql.php on line 462

    The problem is that there is too much data in the table …
    jos_vvcounter_logs num of records = 30.647

    you should do maintenance to group the old data, for example a month.

    I also checked your code and I think you should use a grouped query.
    I group the data by hand and changed the code for this:

    $query = ” SELECT sum(visits) as svisits, sum(guests) as sguests, sum(members) as smembers, sum(bots) as sbots ” .
    ” FROM #__vvcounter_logs ” .
    ” WHERE ‘1=1′ “;
    foreach ( $records as $record ) {
    $lasttime = max( $lasttime, (int) $record->time );
    $total[‘visits’] += (int) $record->svisits;
    $total[‘guests’] += (int) $record->sguests;
    $total[‘members’] += (int) $record->smembers;
    $total[‘bots’] += (int) $record->sbots;

    Only by changing the code works, but the less data is faster.
    I use de version V2.0

  • I upgraded the component from ver 2.12d to 2.13b. All records are lost in the new counter. Is it possible to get the right numbers from the previous counter?


    • Vinaora Visitors Counter hasn’t got ver 2.12d and 2.13b.
      Now is 2.0 only version.

      Please check again..

      • what do you mean by ” bots ” type user ?

  • Need For Joomla 1.6 Compatible Please….

  • Hello, I want to change the language of “We have xxx members and xxx visitors online”, I have changed everything else but this doesn’t change and I don’t know why. I would appreciate any support about this. Thank a lot!

  • I have this problem. I have installed Vinaora counter and on my website is very different from the screenshots. The window with the extension is too big.
    Can you help me?

  • Hello,

    is it possibile to insert the counter into an custom html module?
    With some curly brackets or something like that….


  • Hye… I have use this plugins in my 1.5 Joomla site.. but now i use 1.6, i hope the new supported version will be launched soon.

    thank you for such a great plugin..!

  • thank you so much . i’ve been used it.

  • 1-Could this counter show the visitors by country / flag ?
    2- My website in Arabic (Unlike English,Arabic is written from right to left )
    the counter shows 114 visitors as 411.How to solve this problem

  • Want to ask, do I need to ensure the counter module appear on each of my pages in order to track all page visit count?

    Or appear at homepage will do?

    • Don’t need.
      You can enable this module on individual pages.

  • Hello,

    What I should like is to call the plugin by menu-link wich opens the counter in a popup window. But If I do that then get the error “500 – Getoonde niet gevonden [naam, type, prefix]: vvisitcounter,html,vvisitcounterView”. ( at bottom menulink “statistiek”)

    I don’t want the module directly on the site. (Btw, the module works perfectly)

    • Sorry, you can’t. Please insert Vinaora Visitors Counter module not component.

  • I can’t remove link footer, ofc a want pay for that by paypal but I cant. Any ideas ?

  • my page too getting blank after enabling the visitor counter. Its working normally since last week. wat happened now. pls luk into it. its urgent
    here is the link. plz mail me with the solution ASAP.

  • Can you help me kuz i dont know how I can install this counter in to my page…..

  • Is there any option to put a maximum limit (for visits per day) on the visitors counted by Vinaora visitor counter?

  • Hi. Same problem here, my homepage is blank since last weewend, as soon as I unpublish the counter the page works normally. How can I fix this? I have joomla 1.5.24

  • Hello …
    thank you very much for the extension of vinaora counter … I wonder if this is compatible with Joomla version 1.7.xo there any new version?


    muchas gracias por la extension de vinaora counter… quisiera saber si este es compatible con la version de Joomla 1.7.x o existe alguna nueva version?

  • when will be the bots problem fixed? :( it’s a great joomla component but unfortunately this problem it’s getting me crazy!

  • it’s a nice design. But i think it will be better if you can make other counter design compatible for other CMS like wordpress, blogspot, etc.

  • I have used you ext. for years everything is 1.7 . When can we get the 1.7 updated version,
    yours is the best out there.


  • Do you have a tentative idea when there will be a Joomla! 1.6/1.7 version available? I’ve been using your counter for several years but since I moved to 1.7 I switched to a different counter and it doesn’t jive with my online users. I can have 150 people online and it will only say I’ve had 50 users all day. Not sure why.

    Anyway I’d like to go back to your counter.

  • Hello, Now I’m using Joomla 1.7, can I get the version for Joomla 1.7?

  • Have you support joomla 1.7 ? I’m wait for this mod active for my website Thanks

  • Hello, I want to change the language of “We have xxx members and xxx visitors online”, I have changed everything else but this doesn’t change and I don’t know why. I would appreciate any support about this. Thank a lot!

    • I think you can try to edited in “en-GB.mod.vvisit.counter.ini” file (/languague/en-GB/)

  • Hi. Nice product. One question – how does one hide this so that it is not visible in the frontend but you only view statistics from the backend. I have had many clients telling me they want to be able to monitor statistics but dont want visitors seeing it from frontend. Help.

  • I install under Joomla 2.5 the Vinaora Visitors Counter 2.0, and I become the next error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method JXMLElement::getElementByPath() in ……………/public_html/administrator/components/com_vvisit_counter/install/install.php on line 29

    What can I do?

  • How to reset Vinaora Visitors Counter,

  • I have installed Vinaora Visitors Counter in my new web site and I have a problem: it shows ok when the Chrome navigator is used, but it shows empty when the Internet Explorer is used. Why can I solve this situation?
    Best regards.

  • How to get the codes and post it on your site does not go with hrml

    • Sorry you can’t. Because this module only support for Joomla.

  • Hi ,

    I have used Vinaora Visitors Counter for three years . Now i installed the Vinaora Visitors Counter 2.0.0 (last update on Dec 15, 2009) and i found that my old counter numbers are missing and it counting from current online user .
    Is there any way that i can get back my old counter numbers ?

    Best Regards,

    • Please contact thanhlam19792003 (Skype), another developer. He’ll help you.

  • Hi thanks for your reply .
    I will add and contact to developer.

  • how to use module for joomla 1.7?

    my website

  • How can i change background color of vinaora counter???
    Tried, but didnt work
    Any suggestion??

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